Ancient City of Lyrbe

Ancient City of Lyrbe

Ancient City of Lyrbe

The ancient city of Lyrbe, first known in history as Seleukeia, showed the greatest development process during the Roman period and presents the effects of time with a visual feast. The majority of the finds unearthed from the ancient city of Lyrbe as a result of the excavations carried out between 1972 and 1979 are exhibited at the Antalya Archaeological Museum and the remainder at the Side Archaeological Museum. After seven years of excavation work carried out by the Istanbul University team, various restoration work was carried out. Hellenistic, Roman and Byzantine periods, where numerous artifacts are removed; especially sculpture and mosaics in the ancient city of lyrbe drawn to the attention of the most important buildings, churches, tombs, cisterns, libraries, temples, baths, towers, monumental gates and walls and is close to Agora, the best preserved in the Pamphylia region. If you turn left from Bucakşeyhler quarter and Şihlar village after continuing up the Manavgat Waterfall Road, you can easily reach the ancient city of Lyrbe. The ‘Seven Sages Mosaic’, which is considered to be the most important work belonging to the ancient city of Lyrbe, is exhibited in the Antalya Archaeological Museum. The founding date of the ancient city of Lyrbe, a place where nature and history embrace, dates back to 300 BC. The steep slopes and deep valleys surrounding the Lyrbe, which is built on a hill as a protected Acropolis, also offer the opportunity to encounter unique landscapes in the four seasons.

Ancient City of LyrbeAncient City of LyrbeAncient City of LyrbeAncient City of Lyrbe


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    04.09.2022 13:30

    Tarihi eserleri hiç kimse bilmiyor artık kimse değerini bilmiyor nereden nereye geldik

  • gunessygz
    05.01.2023 12:01

    Lyrbe antik kalıntıları görülmeye değer bir yer. Herkese tavsiye ederim.

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    19.07.2022 08:37

    Buraya ciddi bir turizm yolu yapılmalı. Özellikle tarihi yerleri taşları o dokusu bizi Roma dönemine götürdü.


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