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Kesik Minaret Mosque

Kesik Minaret Mosque

Antalya is a unique city that has been home to countless civilizations in its thousands of years history and successfully bears the traces of these ancient civilizations. In this context, one of the interesting buildings of the city undoubtedly stands out as Kesik Minaret Mosque. The story of this mosque begins with the conversion of Panaghia Church, which is supposed to have been built in the 5th or 6th century on a temple belonging to the 2nd century, into a mosque by the Seljuks. In the 14th century, the church was restored with the occupation of Cyprus by the Ottoman emperor II. Şehzade Korkut, one of Beyazıt's sons, eventually converted the building into a mosque when he was governor of the region, thus far, it has been a Muslim place of worship. Kesik Minaret Mosque, located in the Kaleiçi region of Antalya, which combines Byzantine and Seljuk elements with different identities, was devastated by a great fire in 1896. Although partially repaired at different periods, it saw extensive restoration in 1974. The restoration works for the re-service of the house of worship are nearing an end today. It is planned to be finished in 2020. The mosque, located in the Kaleiçi area of the city, hosts an extremely important cultural value for worship and visitation. Although it is known as Kesik Minaret Mosque due to its wooden minaret damaged in the Great Fire, It is worth noting that it is also referred by names such as Şehzade Korkut Mosque, Cami-i Kebir.

Kesik Minaret Mosque Kesik Minaret Mosque


  • aydinliramazzann
    15.03.2023 07:48

    Restore edilen Cami ve minare renovasyon sonrası muhteşem olmuş

  • gunessygz
    05.01.2023 11:21

    İnanılmaz çalışma.. Cami İnanılmaz güzel olmuş.. gelip görmenizi tavsiye ederim


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