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Kepez Fairytale Park

Kepez Fairytale Park

The municipality of Kepez has given the city two separate fairytale parks in fairly short ranges. The first of these is known as’ Kepezpark Varsak'. Kepez Fairytale Park, which has received great acclaim from both children and adults since its opening, was created by examining similar models in European cities. Kepez Fairytale Park was designed as a center of life, which in a sense was open to all the public. Thousands of people visit the park in Varsak region especially in summer. In this sense, the Kepez Fairytale Park has provided an important tourist activity in the Varsak region. The park has a fully Olympic-sized indoor swimming pool and has also hosted some competitions at national and international levels. Kepez Fairytale Park, which is built on an area of five thousand square meters in total, is a first for the city of Antalya. The region was created with a budget of around 20 million Turkish Liras, especially in order for children to spend time efficiently. It is also appreciated that the project is financed by the self-resources of a local municipality. Inside the park, outside the indoor swimming pool, there are many figures that will appeal to children's dream worlds. Materials, especially of domestic and foreign fairy tale heroes, add a great color to the park. Memorial statues, fairytale reading areas, figures of cartoon characters create a great excitement in children. A natural and fascinating fairy tale atmosphere was tried to be created and was very successful in this regard. Apart from botanical parks, sports areas, picnics or recreation areas, bike paths, walking paths and cafes also manage to add a different color. It is easy to reach this fairytale world by buses departing from the district centre. The second fairytale park in Antalya was built into a 64-acre woodland. Despite this, Kepez Fairytale Park still remains in popularity.

Kepez Fairytale ParkKepez Fairytale ParkKepez Fairytale ParkKepez Fairytale Park


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