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Kemer Beach

Kemer Beach

When you visit Antalya being one of the first towns to come to mind when summer tourism is called, you can choose many beaches in Kemer. The coastal length in Kemer is around 640 km. Kemer's popular beaches in the western part of the city attract millions of visitors between October and May. The relatively warm sea water in the district, where there are numerous bays and beaches, ensures that this period is long. Kemer beaches are also suitable for special activities such as diving, surfing, sea parachuting. Tekirova, Çıralı, Göynük, Beldibi can be listed among the parts of Kemer that attract the most visitors. Therefore, the natural beaches are mostly collected in these sections. It is possible to divide the beaches of the district into two areas of marina and hotels. In the hotels section, mainly four and five star hotels have their own private beach areas. Despite this, it is possible to encounter public beaches even in the hotels area. Moonlight Beach, Çıralı and Olympos are the most prominent beaches in Kemer beaches category. Çıralı Beach is 27 kilometers away from Kemer Center. The beach is noted for its natural beauty and has a white pebble beach. Those who come to Çıralı Beach, which is around three kilometers in length, have the chance to explore the Lycian Way. Olympos Beach has recently been frequented by young people who are interested in camping. Guests to this private beach, which offers a calm and peaceful atmosphere, also visit the famous Yanartaş, which is located just nearby. Göynük Beach is frequented by those who want to do more sea parachutes. Beldibi Beach attracts attention due to its proximity to the caves. Moonlight Beach is located right next to the Marina. The length of the beach, which is within walking distance of the city centre, is around 300 metres. The Moonlight Beach, which is among the Blue Flag beaches, has a golden yellow and clear beach. Apart from these beaches, you can also consider options such as Adrasan, Kiriş, Çamyuva, Bostanlık, Tekirova.

Kemer BeachKemer Beach



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