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Gömbe Plateau

Gömbe Plateau

It is one of the most important tourist destinations of the city of Antalya in the Kaş region. Therefore, those who want to witness Gömbe Plateau should first go to Kas. Kaş has many beauties worth exploring, even if it is a little far from Antalya city center. One of them, Gömbe Plateau, is visited every year by many local and foreign tourists. There is approximately a three-hour drive distance between Antalya Bus Station and KAS. You can reach Kaş Gömbe Plateau by taking an 11-hour journey through Istanbul. In order to reach Gömbe Plateau smoothly, Elmalı road should be followed. Many villages in Kas are located around this very special plateau. In this sense, those who visit the plateau will have the chance to visit the surrounding villages easily. The plateau and its surroundings offer unique landscapes. You can especially enjoy this view by going to Uyluk(femur-thigh) hill. In the residential areas here, Yörük tents are remarkable. These tents offer signs of the nomadic culture in the surrounding villages. Gömbe Plateau, known as ‘Komba’ in ancient times, stands out as one of the most important settlements of that period. There is a great cultural diversity within the plateau. The cultural diversity in the plateau, especially in Hıdrellez times, is reflected in the activities carried out. Within the borders of the region, as well as the Yörüks, the excess of Alevi and Bektashi population is remarkable. Gömbe Plateau, which is prominent with its natural beauty, is also a center for Turkmen villages. The plateau is 800 meters high and there is a crater lake called’ Yesil Göl'. This place is also a source for the river Uçarsu bears the distinction of being. The stream, interestingly, gushes up and flows deep into the Valley. This is why it is called Uçarsu. Trekking and mountaineering activities in the plateau are continued throughout the year.

Gömbe Plateau Gömbe Plateau Gömbe Plateau Gömbe Plateau


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