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Anatolian Toy Museum

Anatolian Toy Museum

The Anatolian Toy Museum is a very special example not only for the city of Antalya but for the whole of Turkey. Although there are similar toy museums in Turkey, Anadolu Toy Museum attracts attention with its collections and creative concepts. Anatolian Toy Museum, created by the works of Kepez Municipality, is located within the area of the old weaving factory. In the Museum, toys from 81 cities of Turkey and European countries find a place for themselves. Thanks to the diversity in the collections, it has a structure that appeals to visitors from all age groups. It is possible to visit the museum all days except Monday. The museum, which has been converted from a 750-square-foot nursery building, has 15 separate halls and has a separate theme in each. Apart from these, there are 10 separate storefronts in all corridors where various themes are in the foreground. The Stone Age room at the entrance attracts attention of especially tiny visitors. In this area, the miniature bus and historical jersey of Antalyaspor are exhibited. Toys reflecting different cultures from all parts of the world have been designed in combination with traditional toys of Anatolia. The private Station room, wooden toys room, artisan street, jigsaw puzzle room are among the most fun and colorful parts of the museum. One of the areas of interest in the museum is the room which depicts the 1940s of Anatolia. This section is notable for its miniaturized models of the famous Ottoman galley ships. In the Lego section, there are porcelain dolls and 7,500 year old antique toys. A doll is displayed in the Kaleiçi Street Room. The story of the hair in this doll is about Jewish children in Nazi camps. Each section of the Anatolian Toy Museum, which has a boutique format, is full of excitement and open to new surprises. The museum also has a separate 40-seat hall for use in various events or screenings. The museum has been visited for quite some time free of charge for the opening, and is now available at a reasonable price.

Anatolian Toy MuseumAnatolian Toy MuseumAnatolian Toy MuseumAnatolian Toy Museum


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