Bust Of Zübeyde Hanım

Bust Of Zübeyde Hanım

Bust Of Zübeyde Hanım

Zübeyde Hanım, mother of the great leader Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, was born in 1857 in Thessaloniki. The fact that she is the mother of a leader like Atatürk who could come in a century makes him very special and privileged for each of us. The modern Republic of Turkey makes many attempts to live up to its memory in order to pay its spiritual debt to Ms. Zübeyde. Zübeyde Hanım, who is the wife of Ali Rıza Effendi, is in essence from Karaman. His parent are among the families who migrated to the Lands of Rumeli through Karaman during the reign of II.Mehmed. It is not common for women to go to school during her period. She is known as Zübeyde Molla because she can read and write. She experiences a marriage with Ali Reza, a civil servant, at the age of 14. Mustafa was born in 1881, the fourth child of the family. This birth is a birth that will later change the real destiny of the Republic of Turkey. The bust of Zübeyde Hanım is built in Ankara to honor the memory of Mustafa Kemal Atatürk. It is located in front of Ismet Pasha Girls' Institute. The bust of Zübeyde Hanım was created as a result of the great efforts of the Turkish Women's Union Center. This formation, for Zübeyde Hanım, uses the expression ‘the greatest of Turkish mothers’. The bust, which has a rather impressive appearance, was erected on 31 March 1964. Those who visit the marble bust, which is stationed on top of a base, do not neglect to take pictures. On both the left and right sides of the bust, some quotes are made from Atatürk. Both quotations have very specific emphasis on femininity and motherhood. The bust of Zübeyde Hanım, which forms almost a unity with the school located here, comes to the agenda recently due to its lack of maintenance and lighting problems. After some news about this issue, necessary arrangements and repair work are carried out.

Bust Of Zübeyde HanımBust Of Zübeyde Hanım



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