Turkish Hammam Museum

Turkish Hammam Museum

Turkish Hammam Museum

One of the most interesting museums in Ankara is undoubtedly the Turkish Hammam Museum. Also known as Beypazarı Turkish Bath Museum, this museum provides the transfer of Turkish bath culture to future generations. In this way, it can be said to have an important function at the point of social memory. Turkish bath culture dates back to ancient times. The Turkish Hammam Museum, where you can find reflections from this deep heritage, can be visited between 08:30 and 20:30. It is the first and only museum opened in this area both in terms of material techniques and subject matter. You can find all the architectural features of the Turkish and Ottoman baths or the traditional items preferred in the baths here. At the same time, some special traditions such as the Turkish bath mother and the henna bath are successfully revived here. All of these finds itself a place in the museum in an exhibition logic. It is possible to include figures such as roughneck and hammam's father in these revivals. ’Ankara Development Agency and Living Museum' gives a great contribution here. Especially during the establishment phase, Dr. Sema Demir makes great efforts. She teaches folklore museology at Gazi University at that time. The Turkish bath culture, which is identified with the Turks, is of great interest to foreign visitors as well as to local visitors. The museum opens on June 9, 2012 with a wide participation. The famous Rustem Pasha Bath, built during the Kanuni period, houses this museum. In the museum you not only get historical materials on the culture of the bath, but also various guides and narrators are always actively involved. Games and various recreations give the museum an interactive identity. The Turkish Hammam Museum contains sections called coldness, warmness, shaving, warmth and firebox.

Turkish Hammam MuseumTurkish Hammam Museum


  • cannalii
    13.02.2023 07:16

    Klasik Osmanlı mimarisi ile inşa edilmiş bir mahalle hamamı 2010 yılına kadar aktif kullanılmış sonrasında aslına uygun düzenlenip müze haline getirilmiş

  • farukkorkmaz
    08.03.2023 07:08

    Küçük bir müze ve giriş ücreti çok düşük. Gitmişken uğrayın derim.

  • omrkazncc
    05.01.2023 06:09

    Özel müze, varolan üç hamam müzesinden biriymiş, yakın zamanlara kadar hamam olarak hizmet veren müzede hamam kültürüne ait pek çok objeyi bir arada görmek mümkün


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