Şefik Bursalı Museum House

Şefik Bursalı Museum House

Şefik Bursalı Museum House

Şefik Bursalı Museum House is named after the person who was born in the city of Bursa in 1903 and had the chance to take lessons from the very important art teachers. He also had the opportunity to go to Europe in the following periods and found the opportunity to work in some art centers. When he returns to his homeland, he serves as a teacher at the high school level in different provinces. During this process, Mevlana's paintings provide a reputation. Şefik Bursalı, who filled the eye with his talents, attracted the attention of Atatürk in a short time with his studies. In fact, Atatürk supports him in the name of exhibiting his paintings in some European cities. Şefik Bursalı, who has had numerous exhibitions throughout his art life, passed away in 1990. After he died, the house where the artist lived, shown among the most important painters in the history of the Republic, was converted into a museum. The Ministry of Culture and Tourism personally signs this transformation. Finally, as a result of a long work and arrangement, the house is opened to visit as Şefik Bursalı Museum. During his life, Şefik Bursalı donated many of his works and the house he used as a workshop to the Ministry of Culture and Tourism. All these donated artifacts are carefully reserved for the museum. During the arrangement of the museum, special measures are taken in order to preserve these works and therefore certain parts of the house are re-laid. For the museum, you can use the public transport moving towards Çankaya District and get off at a stop near Ahmet Mithat Efendi Street. Today, there are around 70 works in the Şefik Bursalı Museum House. Besides these paintings, many photographs and materials are also exhibited in this area. The museum, which is one of the most attractive museums in Ankara in terms of content, serves under the State Painting and Sculpture Museum of the General Directorate of Fine Arts. When you come to the museum, you may also encounter a half painting here that cannot be completed due to his death.

Şefik Bursalı Museum HouseŞefik Bursalı Museum HouseŞefik Bursalı Museum House


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