Kugulu Park

Kugulu Park

Kugulu Park

Kugulu Park, which is one of the first places that comes to mind when it is called Ankara, is located exactly in Kavaklıdere neighborhood. The park is also close to Tunali Hilmi Street and has a large pool. This pool contains cute swans and geese. Therefore, this pool in the park is always of interest to especially children. Kugulu Park is a symbolic and classical place for Ankara residents. The interesting black swans found here are known to have been given as gifts by China. These swans are given to the Turkish delegation during an official visit to the city of Beijing earlier. Black swans are the largest color in Kugulu Park. You can witness the swans that gave the park its name from quite close range. In the entrance section of Kugulu Park, there is a statue which was inaugurated in 2006. Tunali Hilmi, a Turkish politician, is used as a figure in this statue. In the other area of the park, there is another statue called ‘the kissers’. Children's play areas at Kugulu Park make this place even more attractive for families. On the other hand, you can use the cafeteria in the park for your basic needs. Kugulu Park has boards where you can get detailed information about bird species. A total of 24 bird species are found within this area. On the other hand, when you come to the park; you may encounter tree species such as Poplar, Sycamore or Judas tree. This area consists of an area of Poplar before Kugulu Park was built. Ankara Municipality converted this land into a park in 1958. In early periods, the park does not receive much attention from the public. A comprehensive arrangement made in later periods changes the fate of the park in an instant. Kugulu Park, which has suddenly become one of the most popular social areas of Ankara, has an easy reach due to its location.

Kugulu ParkKugulu ParkKugulu ParkKugulu Park


  • mehmetdeneme1
    07.09.2021 14:14

    Ankara’nın tartışılmaz en güzel yeri.

  • zeynpbalcii
    29.07.2022 08:15

    keyifle kahvenizi yudumlayacağınız, hafta sonları daha yoğun olan Ankara'nın en meşhur ve nezih parklarından biri

  • CkF3YZG0
    04.03.2023 05:57

    Günaydın Kızılay’dan nasıl gidebilirim

  • Muhammed Emin Aydın
    09.09.2021 11:18

    Harika bir yer

  • huseyinatess
    18.07.2022 08:33

    Ankara’nın sakin olan gidipi kuğular eşliğinde kahvenizi yudumlaya bileceğiniz güzel bir yer.


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