Eymir Lake

Eymir Lake

Eymir Lake

Eymir Lake, which is one of the most important natural beauties of Ankara, is small compared to other lakes in the region. The rowing team of the University trains regularly on the lake located in Metu. Thanks to its unique fauna, the region manages to offer a unique appearance and freezes in the winter months. This is seen as a very special experience for visitors. The average depth in the lake is around 3.80 meters. The total length of the lake is determined to be 4 kilometers. Although Lake Eymir is a small lake, it is home to different animal species. When you come here, you may encounter some interesting bird species such as greenhead duck and wild goose around the lake. Lake Eymir, an ideal lake for water sports, especially rowing, sometimes hosts some special tournaments. On the other hand, various courses on rowing are organized in this area for outsiders. The fact that it is intertwined with Metu creates an important advantage in this sense. The area of the lake remains far from green until the 1930s. Kemal Kurdaş, who was rector of Metu after the middle of the last century, makes arrangements in and around the lake. Some volunteers, other than himself, have a very important role in the creation of green spaces here. Lake Eymir is a natural beauty that is open for everyone to visit and use, even though it is within the borders of Metu. Of course, if you want to come here in your private car, you must provide the Lake Access Card. If you do not remove this card, you can walk to the lake in person, not in your private car. There is an average of 20 minutes' walk between where you left your car and the lake. In addition, cycling is a popular option at the point of transportation to the lake. There are quite nice breakfast places and restaurants by the lake.

Eymir LakeEymir LakeEymir LakeEymir Lake


  • caliskanahmt
    05.01.2023 07:42

    Oltanı atıp çayını içerken muhabbet edip keyif alabileceğiniz sessiz sakin doğal olan ender yerlerdenz

  • M.F.K
    23.11.2021 12:18

    Beautiful nature. Close to city easy to reach


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