Estergon Turkish Cultural Center

Estergon Turkish Cultural Center

Estergon Turkish Cultural Center

The Estergon Turkish Cultural Center was opened in 2005 with the contributions of Keçiören Municipality. The name is inspired by the castle of Estergon, which is adjacent to the River Tuna. It is a place that tries to keep Turkish culture alive with both Ethnography Museum and Asian gardens. It is possible to witness all the reflections of Turkish art, culture or history. The Red Tower in Alanya Castle is an architectural example. Especially the octagonal body part is completely inspired by this place. Bird nests are placed under each column. In traditional architecture, it is hardly a surprise to encounter such bird nests. One of the most interesting places is the section presented as ‘Turkish cuisine’. There are also large navigational windows. The small columns between the windows draw attention to the braid decorations of hair. The main entrance gate of Karatay Madrasa, an artifact of the Seljuks period, is taken as an example during the construction process of the crown gate in the entrance section. The crown door is made entirely of marble. It provides the most interesting examples of detailed handcrafting. For the doors in the shops section, the Ibn-i Neccer Mosque in the city of Kastamonu is taken as an example. Hundreds of years of door motifs in the hands of some craftsmen from Kastamonu almost a work turned into a masterpiece is seen. All the doors that take place here are literally works of art. Shops that house different crafts add a different colour to this centre. The first floor of the Estergon Turkish Cultural Museum is organized as an Ethnographic Museum. The carpet weavings, frequently used items in kitchens, various weapons, military materials, which leave deep traces in Turkish culture, reflect the traditions and cultural structure of that period. One upstairs is divided into aquariums, except for restaurants. Special invitations or engagement ceremonies are organized in this section from time to time. The view of Keçiören meets you when you go out to the terrace section. Because of the cafes here, you can enjoy the view by sipping your tea. The Estergon Turkish Cultural Museum is open between 09:00 and 22:00.

Estergon Turkish Cultural CenterEstergon Turkish Cultural CenterEstergon Turkish Cultural CenterEstergon Turkish Cultural Center


  • silapamuk
    04.11.2022 10:54

    İçerisinde bulunan Etnoğrafya müzesi mutlaka gezilmeli Ankara'nın yöresel kültürü ve geleneksel yaşamına ait birçok eser sizleri bekliyor...

  • ardacetinkaya
    05.10.2022 07:48

    Keçiören'de bulunan ve Macaristan'daki kalenin bir replikası olan kültür merkezi 2005 yılında halka açılmış. Giriş ücretsiz. Ve içerde gezebileceğiniz bir etnografya müzesi, harika lahmacun, pide ve tatlılar yapan bir restaurant(Osmanlı şerbetini de deneyin, el yapımıymış ve bence çok güzell)…

  • caliskanahmt
    05.01.2023 07:23

    Keçiören’in güzelleştiren özel mimari yapılardan biri,içerisinde müze mutlaka gezilmeli,tarihimiz, gelenek göreneklerimizi çokça yansıtan eski giyimler,eşyalar,vb…üst katta


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