Duatepe Monument

Duatepe Monument

Duatepe Monument

Located in the town of Polatlı, the Duatepe Monument is an important monument that affects the people who see it. The spiritual meaning of the work, which also has a symbol value for Polatlı, is great. The fact that it was the first hill taken back from the enemies during the offensive in 1921 makes it very meaningful and special in the historical process. As a result of a study in 1999, around 20 thousand trees are planted here in total. The monument was placed a year later in the area where these trees were. Duatepe today consists of five separate sections. These sections can be listed as monument, link road, walkway, car park and ceremonial area. The Duatepe Monument, which is included in the travel list of those who come to Ankara, is created by Metin Yurdanur, who stands out as a talented sculptor. He is a very successful state artist, and this marks his signature on many other works. The design and application of both the statues and the monument belong to him. It is possible to see names such as Halide Edip Adıvar, Ismet Inönü and Atatürk when the statues in this area are examined. In our recent history, the Duatepe Monument stands in a very special place as a structure symbolizing the resolution and determination of the Turkish military. That famous retreat from Vienna ends here in a sense. The chase that begins here extends to the Aegean Sea. The taking of Duatepe makes an important contribution to the spirit of struggle. Because Sakarya Square is a turning point for the war of Independence. Apart from Duatepe, which forms the defense line, Türbe Tepe and Gazi Tepe are also afforested within the scope of this project. The first works related to the monument came to the agenda in 1999. It was inaugurated with a grand ceremony on 12 September 2000. When you carefully examine the Duatepe Monument, you may encounter very interesting details. For example, the names of the soldiers who were killed in the Duatepe region are written on the memorial wall in brass letters.

Duatepe MonumentDuatepe MonumentDuatepe MonumentDuatepe Monument



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