Direkli Mosque

Direkli Mosque

Direkli Mosque

Mosques and masjids have an important place in Anatolian lands. These mosques, which have managed to preserve their original texture for hundreds of years, make an important contribution to the faith tourism of cities today. Although it stands out as a bureaucratic city, many mosques can be visited in Ankara, which has an intense cultural heritage. The Direkli Mosque, which we can count among these mosques, has a rectangular plan. The roof of the mosque is tile-shaped. Unfortunately, there are no inscriptions that reach this day. Estimates of when it may have been built are made by looking at the mihrab style and other architectural details. According to these estimates, the Direkli Mosque dates from the 15th century. As a location, Ankara stones are remarkable on the walls of the historic mosque located on the Direkli Quarter. The place of worship carries out its first major repair in the 18th century. The mosque, where the wooden beams stand out, is built with mudbrick. The last congregational section, built later, is located to the north of the main worship section of the mosque. This section carries five wooden posts in total. These poles cause the name of the mosque to become the Direkli Mosque. The harim(sanctuary) portion of the Direkli Mosque is covered with a wooden ceiling. On the side facing just north of this sanctuary is the women's enclosure. The mosque's altar, made of plaster material, rises up to the part where the ceiling is. The niche where small columns are placed in the corner sections is the muqarnas junction. Direkli Mosque is located in Altindag District of Ankara. It is possible to see many historical mosques already in the city within the borders of this district. The Direkli Mosque, which is also close to the streets named Cameli and Ceylan, has a simple and modest appearance in general. The historical site, which is always frequented by local and foreign visitors, is still open to worship today.

Direkli MosqueDirekli MosqueDirekli Mosque


  • cemmelih
    27.10.2022 07:50

    Güzel tarihi islamda tevazuyu yansıtan bir cami.

  • omrkazncc
    05.01.2023 06:14

    Küçük sevimli bir yer. İçerde yatan zata okumadan geçmemeli. Herşeye rağmen ayakta durabilmiş bir camiidir.

  • farukkorkmaz
    08.03.2023 07:12

    Çok güzel tarihi bir cami


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