Davutoglu Bridge

Davutoglu Bridge

Davutoglu Bridge

Do not include only museums, parks, mosques, madrasas in your list when you come to the capital Ankara and plan a trip. There are many important natural beauties waiting for you. Davutoglu Bridge, which has a special place among them, is located in the district of Nallıhan. Davutoglu Bridge, which is shown among the most important bridges of the city in many respects, is the extension of Sariyar Dam Lake. The bridge, which has an arch-shaped appearance, is made up of steel. Davutoğlu Bridge stands out largely with its interesting views. The erosion zone in particular can be delightfully viewed from exactly this point. It is positioned directly facing the bridge through the erosion zone. The local people often visit the Davutoğlan Bridge, especially since this magnificent view has been discovered recently. With the visual feast it has created, the place which gives very special frames for the lovers of photography faces you with an impressive region such as Kıztepe. During the winter months, Davutoglu Bridge takes on a very privileged atmosphere. Especially when the rock or soil that starts to play red color, white snow comes together with the landscape is very fascinating. Davutoglu Bridge is considered as a very accurate starting stop for a trekking plan to be made towards the outskirts of Kızıltepe. Many people who come to the Nallıhan region visit the Davutoglu Bridge to participate in this trekking event. Davutoglu Bridge is also referred as ‘Çayırhan Bridge’ in some sources. It is referred as Çayırhan because the name of Çayırhan is located at the entrance point of the bridge. The reason it is known as Davutoglu Bridge is that a village of the same name is located nearby. The exact date on which the Davutoglu Bridge was built is unclear. Estimates are that it was made during the same period as the Sarıyar Dam. The Kuş Cenneti (Bird Sanctuary), which attracts many visitors, is very close to the site of the Davutoglu Bridge.

Davutoglu BridgeDavutoglu BridgeDavutoglu Bridge


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    07.07.2022 06:36

    Bu köprü sizi devamında (Ankara yönü) Çayırhan gölüne götürür.


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