Botanical Park

Botanical Park

Botanical Park

Located in Ankara's Çankaya district, the Botanical Park occupies a giant area of about 65 thousand square meters. Green areas constitute the average 30 thousand square meters of green field. Located close to Cinnah Street, the park was created in 1970. There is a pool and children's garden outside the flower greenhouse in the central part of the park. It stands out as a quiet park, situated in the shadow of Atakule for many years. Numerous consulates are located in the vicinity of the Botanical Park. Therefore, it is common for this place to encounter foreign families. The average age of this area is considered slightly higher compared to other parks. Nevertheless, it is an ideal park for those looking for a tranquil atmosphere. The Botanical Park is in a state of disrepair compared to before. In particular, the flower greenhouse is in a state of ruin. These greenhouses were colorful until recently. It is also said that colored fish swam in the pool area in past periods. The Botanical Park, where local people are attracted at weekends, continues to be seen as a pleasant place with water and bird sounds despite everything. Responsibility for the park belongs to Çankaya Municipality. Couples who get married during the summer months prefer this place for photo shoots. If you come here in any summer months, especially on the weekend, you will definitely encounter such couples. The design related to the Botanical Park was created by Yüksek Özkan in 1970. Tuberous and bulbous plants come to the fore in the park dominated by an Informal design understanding. The Cascade Lake looks just like a natural lake. The rose and children's gardens are located on the immediate west side of the valley. Every season, the botanical park, so to speak, takes on a different color. You can easily reach by bus lines such as 185-7 and 413-7.

Botanical ParkBotanical ParkBotanical ParkBotanical Park


  • melekbakan
    28.06.2022 06:15

    Bukadar kentleşmenin içinde böyle bir yer olması çok güzel olmuş kahvemi alıp gelseydim keşkeee :)

  • beyzakorkmazzx
    21.07.2022 07:38

    Atakule'nin arkasında bulunan, sonbahar zamanı çok güzel olan büyük bir park

  • ezgicam
    26.09.2022 08:09

    Şehrin güzel mekanlarından biri daha. Sadece yoldan gelen araç sesleri rahatsız etti, ama gözünüz, gönlünüz dinlenir.


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