Beştepe Nation Mosque

Beştepe Nation Mosque

Beştepe Nation Mosque

The Beştepe Nation Mosque, whose name has been frequently announced in recent times, is part of the Presidential Complex. So when you visit here, a building community will welcome you. The Beştepe Nation Mosque, a place of worship that is always open for the public to visit, is located in the capital Ankara. Built on a total area of 5,100 square meters, the Beştepe Nation Mosque has one main and four half domes. In the mosque there is a prayer floor outside the basement and mahfil(Gathering-Place). 3 thousand people can perform their worship at the same time in the mosque. In this sense, it is shown to be among the largest capacity mosques in Ankara. Lifts can also be used to provide access to prayer areas from ablutions. The Beştepe Nation Mosque has two elevators, which are actively used especially in crowded times. The historic mosque has four separate minarets in total. The average height of these minarets is around 60 meters. Marble veneer stands out on the crown door located in the immediate entrance area of the mosque. This section is also decorated with some decorations. At the entrance gate you will be greeted by verse 24 of Surat Rad. It is designed specifically for disabled people to perform their prayers in a comfortable way and to receive their ablutions. Thanks to the ramp areas, disabled people move in the mosque much easier. Such fine details are rarely seen in mosques. There are important architectural similarities between the Beştepe Nation Mosque and the buildings in the complex. The historical mosque is likely to capture modern architecture as well as traces of Ottoman architecture. The square in front of the Beştepe Nation Mosque is used in common with the Congress Center, which is located in the opposite section. This place is not just a place of worship, it is also used for social and cultural purposes. Having such a large square reinforces this situation. The historical mosque always plays a critical role in state-nation integration.

Beştepe Nation MosqueBeştepe Nation MosqueBeştepe Nation MosqueBeştepe Nation Mosque


  • salihhkocakk
    16.08.2022 08:10

    Modern mimarisi ve çevre düzenlemesi ile güzel planlanmış. Allah yapanlardan razı olsun


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