Ankara Palas

Ankara Palas

Ankara Palas

Offering a period of office and exhibition functions, the Ankara Palas, which remained a hotel for many years after its construction was completed at the end of the 1920s, is one of the most important historical buildings in the capital. Ankara Palas, which is used as a state guest house today, attracts attention with its aesthetic details. The structure offers striking details in its exterior, with its beams, columns and lighting in the foreground. The structure has an intriguing story. At the beginning of 1920s, Ankara Palas started its construction with the idea of being a club for congressman, after its architect quit the business, it is continued by architect Kemalettin Bey. However, the plan was changed and the structure, which is believed to have been completed towards the end of 1927, was leased from the General Directorate of Foundations and remained a hotel until 1969. Subsequently, Ankara Palas was operated by a trade union in the form of a hotel between 1972 and 1975, and served under the Ministry of Industry and Technology and then the Ministry of Foreign Affairs between 1976-1982. After all, the structure, which belongs to the Republic of Turkey Ministry of Foreign Affairs, is of great value in terms of Ankara's visual and historical silhouette.

Ankara PalasAnkara Palas


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    Cumhuriyet döneminin önemli, Mimar Kemaleddin Bey'in görkemli eserlerinden biri

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