Kurşunlu Mosque

Kurşunlu Mosque

Kurşunlu Mosque

Muğla is a city that attracts attention with both natural beauties and historical sites. Although the region is generally preeminent with summer tourism, there are valuable religious, cultural and historical sites waiting to be explored. Kurşunlu Mosque, one of these places, is located in the Central District of Muğla. Having the mosque in the center of the city makes it easier for domestic and foreign visitors to come here. Kurşunlu mosque is interpreted as one of the most valuable works created during the Ottoman rule. It is possible to encounter typical motifs from Ottoman architecture in the fountain, building structure and garden section.

Kurşunlu mosque serves as a madrasa before being used for mosque purposes. It is stated that the madrasa had 30 rooms at that time. After the renovation done at that time, the classrooms here are removed. As the name suggests, a significant part of the dome section is covered with lead. The mosque, which has a history of about 510 years, has been repaired many times in this process. Despite this, the original texture of the mosque is preserved in the repair processes. Evliya Çelebi also speaks highly of the historical mosque, which is often described as a work of art. In his own travelogue, he devotes an important place to the mosque.

It is known that the mosque was built at the end of the 15th century at the behest of Şücattin Bey. The total construction period of the mosque takes up to two years. Although not certain, it is accepted that Kurşunlu mosque was opened for worship in 1493. There are two fountains belonging to the mosque in the garden section. When you visit the mosque, you may encounter pictures of both the Kaaba and the sailing ship.

Kurşunlu Mosque, which is located exactly in the Balıbey neighborhood of Menteşe district, is still active and open to worship today. One of the most unique features of the mosque is that the decorations in the interior are processed with root paints brought from Rhodes Island specially.

Kurşunlu MosqueKurşunlu MosqueKurşunlu Mosque



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