Aya Eleni Church

Aya Eleni Church

22.02.2021 00:18

During the early Christian period, which gave its name to the time period between the 1st and 4th centuries BC, Konya stands out as an important socio-cultural center. In 327, Helena, the mother of the Byzantine Emperor, remains in Konya during a cross-seeking journey to Jerusalem. Various elements of Christian culture, such as carving temples, are very impressed her. He wants a sanctuary built on top of that. On top of this she wants to build a sanctuary . This is how the construction of the Aya-Elena Church, which has been standing in Konya for centuries, begins. Four of the openings of the dome of Aya Eleni Church, standing on four feet designed as windows while the other four contains St. Mary and Apostles. Although it has been repaired during the centuries managed to survive in close proximity to its original. These pictures reached today almost intact. At the top of this section, with 8 openings the picture of Jesus Christ can also be seen in very good condition. A large number of pictures can also be seen in the other transition elements of the dome. The visual atmosphere, which is in good condition, takes those who saw it back to centuries ago. The church was built using silt stone, a local building material. The rooms, created by the carved of rocks in the courtyard section, stand out as an interesting detail. Other interesting sections of the Aya Eleni Church include stone stairs, a wooden sermon desk and a lattice sections defined as a work of art.
Aya Eleni ChurchAya Eleni ChurchAya Eleni ChurchAya Eleni Church


  • zeynpbalcii
    18.08.2022 07:49

    Dışarıdan gözüken sade yapısı sizi aldatmasın, içerisi dokusu bozulmamış canlı renklere sahip tavan işlemeleri ve değerli eserlere sahip

  • aslidemirr
    20.10.2022 06:43

    Gördüğüm en güzel restore edilmiş ve korunmakta olan kilisedir. Sanırım hala ibadete açık ve dinini yaşayan Rumlar burayı çok güzel şekilde koruyor.

  • irembozz
    05.07.2022 07:37

    Bu güne kadar gezdiğim kiliseler içerisinde en güzel ve bakımlı kilise bu olmuştur.


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