Beylerbeyi Palace (GOVERNOR PALACE)

Beylerbeyi Palace (GOVERNOR PALACE)

Beylerbeyi Palace (GOVERNOR PALACE)

The City's oldest buildings, Beylerbeyi Palace, have a grandeur that amazes those who see it with its historical texture and architecture. Lala Mustafa Pasha, who was a grand vizier during the Murad III. period in Ottoman Empire, has an important place in Turkish history economically and socio-culturally, like many Ottoman statesmen. Mustafa Pasha, also known as The Conqueror of Cyprus, Shirvan and Georgia. He is known as Lala Mustafa Pasha because he was charged as a high ranking manservent who looked after a son of the Sultan, Selim II. the third Ottoman. Lala Mustafa Pasha, who made his most important expeditions during Murad period, built many buildings and mosques for the people in Anatolian lands with the fortunes he made as a result of these expeditions. In 1579, Pasha wants to build a palace that can be used by the people of Kars, and in the same year, he built the two-storey Beylerbeyi Palace. Beylerbeyi Palace is used as Banner Mansion until 1879 then as a government mansion until 1918. This is perhaps one of the few places actively preferred for 339 years on the history scene. The building, which has been defeated to time with roof section and beams, is restored by Kars governorship. The building, which is announced as a hotel when it was completed, will also have a cafeteria and restaurant.

Beylerbeyi Palace (GOVERNOR PALACE)Beylerbeyi Palace (GOVERNOR PALACE)Beylerbeyi Palace (GOVERNOR PALACE)Beylerbeyi Palace (GOVERNOR PALACE)


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