Republic Square

Republic Square

Republic Square

Izmir is known as the third largest city in Turkey. Rebuplic Square is located in the center of Izmir, a major metropolis, and is considered as one of the two major squares of the city. It is located right in the middle of Alsancak and Çankaya districts in the Konak district of Izmir. Metro, bus or tram pass very close to the square. Republic Square is one of the city's truly symbolic places. A monument representing Atatürk's order “the armies are your first target, the Mediterranean, forward” is located here. The fact that the square is located on the beach makes this place much more popular. As is known, Izmir faced a great fire disaster in 1922. This fire would cause the destruction or demoslished of many buildings in the city. After the fire and the war, Izmir is almost rebuilt. Republic Square can also be considered as one of the important projects in this process. An Italian sculptor makes the famous Atatürk monument in Cumhuriyet Square. In spite of this, Behçet Uz also makes serious contributions to the completion of the monument. Behçet Uz was the mayor of Izmir at the same time. It is known that 40 thousand TL was spent in those years for the monument situated in the square. The inauguration of the Atatürk monument takes place in 1932. This historical square behind the grand Ephesus Hotel is the scene of many activities and events in Izmir. Parties organize their big rallies here from time to time. On special occasions, municipalities use this square as an event space. Republic Square, where people gather and mingle with social activities in a sense, is also seen as a stop-and-rest area for those who walk in the cordon, watching the sun set or the sea. Republic Square is also very close to Gündoğdu Square and Konak Square.

Republic SquareRepublic SquareRepublic Square


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    İzmir'de gördüğüm en güzel manzara, baktıkça bakası geliyor insanın.


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