Mehmet Akif Ersoy Museum House

Mehmet Akif Ersoy Museum House

Mehmet Akif Ersoy Museum House

The museum, named after our national poet Mehmet Akif Ersoy, is located in Çanakkale. The building where the museum is located is allocated by the Tacettin Sheikh who admired it during the war of independence. It is even known that Mehmet Akif Ersoy wrote The National Anthem in this house. The house is named ‘Mehmet Akif Ersoy House’ by the joint decision taken by the City Council in 1949. Immediately the same year, the house was converted into a museum. Unfortunately, however, it remains in disrepair for a long time and is ruined in time. After many years, Professor Dr. Ihsan Doğramacı undertakes the restoration of this special house on the condition that it remains true to its original state. After the repair work, the house is opened to visitors. These repairs are completed with the support of Hacettepe University. At the same time, the Ministry of Culture, The General Directorate of foundations and the Religious Foundation have important contributions during the restoration work at the fund level. Mehmet Akif Ersoy Museum House is opened again with a magnificent ceremony held on December 24, 1984. The historic house is notable for its high courtyard walls. It is necessary to use the small courtyard door to enter the garden section of the house. The historic building, located right in the middle section of the garden, has two storeys and is of wooden construction. On the upper floor of the building, which resembles the historic Ankara houses as an architectural style, important photographs of the great poet are found. This section is also set up as a lounge with meeting. The meeting room is considered the most magnificent spot in this historic house. In the middle section of the room, pencil-work decorations immediately stand out. The museum, located in Bayramiç District, is frequently visited in groups, especially by students studying in Çanakkale. The museum, which has two floors in total, contains many memories of the poet's childhood and youth years.

Mehmet Akif Ersoy Museum HouseMehmet Akif Ersoy Museum HouseMehmet Akif Ersoy Museum HouseMehmet Akif Ersoy Museum House


  • ankaraseyahatnamesi
    28.10.2022 07:35

    Ankara Hamamonun'de Mehmet Akif Ersoy Evi vardır. İstiklal marşını burada yazdığı da söylenir.

  • muratball
    29.06.2022 07:48

    İyi bir Restorasyon ile müze haline getirilmiş her odası tarih kokuyor mutlaka herkesin gelip ziyaret etmesi gereken bir yer

  • muratball
    29.06.2022 07:45

    Çok iyi bir restorasyon ile müze haline getirilmiş her odası tarih kokuyor herkesin mutlaka görmesi gereken bir yer

  • leylaxsevenn
    17.08.2022 07:52

    Milli şairimiz Mehmet Akif Ersoy'un yaşadığı mütevazı bir ev ortamı. Tarih bilinç oluşması için güzel bir yer


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