Grand Mosque

Grand Mosque

Grand Mosque

The Grand Mosque, which was built at the end of the 1300s, is one of the most important symbols of Bursa, where the Ottoman rule influenced a wide geography in Anatolia and Rumelia. The construction of the mosque, which marks a principle among the Ottoman mosques due to its monumental structure, was started in 1396, just after the victory of Nigbolu against the Crusaders in the Balkans near the Tuna river. It is known that the Ottoman ruler Yildirim Bayezid was among the congregants of the first prayer, which was held upon the completion of its construction in 1400.

The first prayer was performed by the famous Sufi and scholar Somuncu Baba. The first Imam of the Great Mosque was Suleyman Çelebi, the author of the first mevlit(Islamic memorial service), Vesiletü’n-necat, written in Turkish. The mosque, which has been repaired in various periods, has come to the present day in a very good way. The Grand Mosque, an architecturally unique Ottoman monument, attracts attention with its total interior area of 3 thousand 165 square meters. The rectangular structure measuring 55 x 69 meters is very imposing with its 12 pillars and 20 domes. The hexagonal pool and water-tank with a fountain of the fountains in the interior of the mosque, which is famous for its refreshment, are among the highlights.

The Grand Mosque, with its two minarets, walls built with cut stone, domes covered with glass, its inscription on its door, windows with small openings called breather plug, pulpit, colonnades and its characteristic details of the 14th century, is unique. The cover of the gate of the Kaaba, which was brought to the Grand Mosque after the Egyptian campaign by Yavuz Sultan Selim, is among the items of spiritual value.

In addition, there are 192 calligraphy writings written by 41 different calligraphers within the mosque. In addition, candlesticks, precious clocks and many Qur'ans can also be seen inside the mosque, which stunned those who saw it even centuries later. The mosque, which has three fountains in its courtyard, is located on Atatürk Street, a central location in the Osmangazi District of Bursa.

Grand MosqueGrand MosqueGrand MosqueGrand Mosque


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