Pirinç(Rice) Khan

Pirinç(Rice) Khan

Pirinç(Rice) Khan

The construction of the historical Pirinç Khan, one of the symbol structures of Bursa, began in 1490 and was completed in 1508. In the construction process, II. Bayezid's signature is seen. The main purpose of the construction of this khan is to provide income to the mosques in Istanbul. In fact, this goal soon finds a concrete response. Proceeds from the khan are transferred to mosques. In the 1800s, the Pirinç Khan experienced its heyday. Especially foreign origin traders who come to Bursa prefer to stay here. Within a short time, the Pirinç Khan becomes the most popular and active area of the city.

During the renovation works related to Cumhuriyet Street, a section of the khan is demolished as a mandatory. Today, the first floor of the Pirinç Khan contains food and drink facilities. The upper floor is largely reserved for book-selling venues. The architecture of the Pirinç Khan preserved to the present day is that of Jacob Shah. It is also known that Ali, son of Abdullah, assisted him in this process. When the Pirinç Khan was first opened, it began to be referred to by this name because the sale of grain and rice was heavy.

The portico structures, which are arranged in two storeys around an extremely large courtyard, draw attention. At the rear of these, porches there are various rooms. Today there are 38 rooms in the upper section and 40 rooms in the lower section. The crown door, located in the eastern part of the Pirinç Khan, has a rather ostentatious appearance. The door in the western section is disabled after the fire occurred here. The walls of the khan are covered with rubble stone. Khan encounters many earthquakes in its historical adventure. The last of these takes place in 1855. During the restoration works in 1985, 103 new gold coins were found.

Pirinç(Rice) KhanPirinç(Rice) KhanPirinç(Rice) KhanPirinç(Rice) Khan


  • caliskanahmt
    07.03.2023 13:28

    Han çok güzel, geçmişten bu güne iyi dayanmış.


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