Murat Pasha Mosque

Murat Pasha Mosque

Murat Pasha Mosque

One of the oldest mosques in Antalya, Murat Pasha Mosque, was built between 1570-1571 by Murat Pasha, who served as a Karaman Beylerbeyi(Governor) during the Ottoman Empire. Among the prominent features of the mosque, there are the arched openings in which colored stones are used, the last communion place consisting of three parts in the front, and its spacious and bright windows in two rows. It has a marble mihrab and plain pulpit, as well as windows on the sides of its door. It is known for its pen-work decorations, which attracted interest from herbal motifs. However, in general, it can be stated that it has a simple interior design. Quite large trees in the garden of the mosque, where cut stones were used in its construction, also attract attention. It is also known that the historical mosque has elements that have not survived to the present day. These include the section called imaret, which is used to help the poor, the madrasa, where secondary and higher education is carried out, which was incorporated after the construction of the mosque, and a nearby inn, which is said to be located. In addition, the minaret of the mosque is among the sections that have not survived to the present day. In its place is a minaret of cut stone, completed in 1914, with a lead sarcophagus and two minarets. The historical mosque is known to have undergone extensive renovations in 1960, staying true to its original status... This historical mosque in the Muratpaşa district of Antalya will impress you with its mystical atmosphere and the wisdom of the centuries.

Murat Pasha MosqueMurat Pasha MosqueMurat Pasha MosqueMurat Pasha Mosque


  • ftherdincc
    09.03.2023 12:57

    Cok guzel cok hos bir cami tarihi dokusuyla ayrıca insani mutlu etmektedir

  • gunessygz
    05.01.2023 11:19

    Manevi atmosferi, Tarihi dokusu vw mükemmel bahçesi ile mutlaka ziyaret etmek gerekir.


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