Pink Pavilion

Pink Pavilion

Pink Pavilion

Pink Pavilion, which has already managed to take its place among the symbolic places of Ankara, was purchased by Ismet Inönü on September 10, 1923. Ismet Inönü spends 48 years in this exquisite Vineyard house. It should be noted that the main owner of the house is actually Mehmet Uzunzade. Inönü settled here exactly two years after buying the House. The Pink Pavilion, which is among the oldest houses in the city with Inönü, which resided here between 1925 and 1973, bears witness to many principles. The works related to the revolution or the debates in which decisions concerning the country are taken take place in this place. In this sense, Pink Pavilion is defined as the witness of the most important events of our recent history. The first ball of the city takes place here in February 1927. Following this process, the first concerts, the first horse riding and billiards competitions are always held here. The garden of the house has a very ideal size and structure for all these activities. Many flowers are grown according to the general climate of Ankara. All activities carried out at Pink Pavilion also reflect the special tastes of Ismet Inönü, the owner of the house. Inönü, a very important name of the Resistance period, is particularly fond of Fine Arts. It creates a library with 8 thousand books in the pavilion. Pink Pavilion reflects the life of a modern Turkish family. Inönü Foundation turns this special lodge into a museum and opens it to visitors years later. As it will be remembered, the same foundation also turns Inönü's house in Izmir Konak, where his childhood years had passed, into a museum. This cute mansion with two floors is located in Çankaya District. The pink Pavilion only remains open for one month per on April and October. The opening dates are announced entirely by the Inönü Foundation. Many personal items are displayed in the museum, from the pool table where he played with Atatürk to the chess table, from medals to uniforms.

Pink PavilionPink PavilionPink PavilionPink Pavilion


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