Atatürk House Museum

Atatürk House Museum

Atatürk House Museum

For Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, Ankara is always a very special city. Ankara, the first and only capital of the Republican era, is full of many memories of Atatürk. Atatürk's magnificent mausoleum is also located in this city. Due to Atatürk's close ties to Ankara, many museums and houses are organized in this city. Atatürk House Museum is one of the places that attracts the most visitors. The most important feature of this place in the spiritual sense is that it is arranged in accordance with Atatürk's childhood home in Thessaloniki. Atatürk House Museum, located in the Atatürk Forest Farm, is opened exclusively for the 100th year of his birth in order to reflect the respect and gratitude of the leader of the Turkish Nation. All plan details of the house in Thessaloniki are adapted to this structure one-to-one. During the construction process of the museum, the Ankara Chamber of Commerce also has intensive efforts. The Atatürk House Museum, which was inaugurated on 10 November 1981, is entered by stone stairs. The gizzard pantry and maid rooms meet you at the entrance. When you go upstairs, you may encounter sections such as the kitchen, sofa and living room. On the third and last floor there are sections called Atatürk room and Museum Room. On this floor there are mostly personal items belonging to Atatürk. Visitors usually spend more time in the section called the Atatürk room. Measuring 3.88x2. 80 meters, this room is furnished with a special rug. On top of the red floor, there are remarkable floral motifs. In the same room, a bronze bust of Atatürk greets you. The Museum Room, located on the third floor, has an extremely stylish display case. These showcases include a variety of suits, shirts, robes, shoes, ties, cigarette tables, rosaries, walking sticks and coffee cups. The door part of the museum room opens directly to the Hall. Atatürk Forest Farm Directorate manages the museum. Visiting the museum is free.

Atatürk House MuseumAtatürk House MuseumAtatürk House MuseumAtatürk House Museum


  • silapamuk
    18.08.2022 06:26

    Atatürk Evi; Atatürk'ün 100.doğum günü anısına, Selanik'te doğduğu evin birebir aynısı olarak inşa edilmiş. Giriş katı ile birlikte 3 kattan oluşuyor. İçerisinde Atatürk'e ait eşyaların sergilendiği odalar bulunuyor. Yaklaşık 15-20 dk içerisinde gezilecek büyüklükte. Konum ile gitmek istediğiniz zaman Beştepe istikametinden gelenler için konumu külliyenin içerisinden veriyor. Onun için külliyenin içine girmeden yolu takip ettiğiniz zaman tam Atatürk Evi'nin önüne çıkarıyor sizi.


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