Wonderland of Muğla Cuisine
Wonderland of Muğla Cuisine

Wonderland of Muğla Cuisine

With its clean air, deep blue sea, lush nature and rich soil, Muğla cuisine that is enriched with fruits and vegetables grown in both the Aegean and Mediterranean climates contains incredible tastes.

Muğla is not a cuisine with only fish and appetizers contrary to popular belief! On the contrary, meals, soups, meats and olive oil dishes blended with vegetables grown in these lands fill the tables… Delicious wonders from pastry to tastes prepared in summer are offered to guests on long tables set up as king-size… Muğla cuisine is actually a wonderland…

Tarhana (Soup with Dried Yoghurt) but Muğla style

This soup known by Uşak in Turkish cuisine is a panacea. Everybody prepares this taste that is invariably known as "Patient Soup" at their homes in summer and stores it for the winter season.

All the methods are clear until this part, each family prepares soup with a standard procedure, and this is different in Muğla. We do not call it rich cuisine for nothing. The residents of Muğla add much more abundant ingredients while they are preparing and drying their soup in the summer. Tarhana grass, coarse cracked wheat, yogurt is of course the essence of the matter, however, the residents of Muğla also add chickpeas, beans, lentils, onions, tomato sauce and pepper to this mix. Under these circumstances our Muğla-style Tarhana is definitely at the top due to filling and nutritiousness.

Çökertme Kebab (Kebab with Puree and Yoghurt) is Eaten in Bodrum

This Kebab of Turkey, Bodrum origin has become a byword… I seem to hear that you are humming a ballad that is kept on saying, but a little bit sad while preparing Kebab…

Çökertme kebab is a taste that totally costs to Bodrum district of Muğla! Local people also call this dish "Bodrum Kebab". So what are the ingredients of this taste? It is the combination of the potato that is cut as thin as a match and fried, and the best seasoned steak with strained yogurt.

Those Who Are Aot Full Up Without Eating Meat: Here You Are, Stuffed Breast

It is difficult to prepare this taste that is indispensable especially for festive tables at home! If you want to apply the original version of the recipe, you need a stone oven! But, do not worry, it is possible to taste this indispensable dish of Muğla in many parts of the region!

In this recipe, the residents of Muğla actually use goat meat. Meat cubes or liver accompanying the goat helps to make this taste legend. And of course, potatoes, peppers and tomatoes are among the accompanying ingredients in Stuffed Breast.

The Cornerstone of Turkish Cuisine, Keskek (Wheat Stew with Meat)

Keskek is a dish fit for sultans in Turkish cuisine… According to rumour, this taste started to leave a taste on the tongue after Ottoman Sultan Yavuz Sultan Selim Han had return from Iran expedition in 1514. A woman from Amasra prepares this taste with what is in her kitchen and presents it to the sultan. This taste, which has become the cornerstone of Turkish cuisine since that day, takes its place among the main dishes of the sultan's tables.

Keskeks prepared in Mugla are also very famous among other keskeks. Goat, veal or chicken meat are served with wheat in the cuisines. Sauce with tomato paste and olive oil poured adds a feast to its taste.

Real Milas Mince Meat Patties

We, as from Milas, love meatballs; it is our favorite delicacies for children, young and old. However, Milas brings this taste to the top.

The residents of Milas do not add too much to their filling ingredient while preparing meatballs. This taste is accompanied by tallow prepared with self-ingredient. It is served with tomatoes and roasted peppers on the plates. Of course, except for the herb appetizers brought with it...

Flower Blossoming on The Plate: Stuffed Squash Blossoms

We have main dishes that have shaped the character of our cuisine since the Ottoman periods... These dishes determine the characteristic features of our cuisine culture. Plates from Turkish cuisine are actually prepared difficultly and dishes come to our plates after hours of work, but one of the most delicate of them is undoubtedly stuffed squash blossoms.

The residents of Muğla should collect squash blossoms early in the morning, prepare and cook the stuffing. Because blossoms of this rare taste open in the morning and close in the evening. However, you cannot get enough of eating on the plate even if it is so delicate.

Other than these:

I am listing the local foods of Muğla for you below, sir... find a way to taste all of them whatever you wonder about and whichever you desire;)

  • Fresh Cowpeas with Garlic Sauce
  • Yeast Fritters with Honey
  • Muğla Cookie Rings
  • Stonecrop Salad
  • Fried Eggplant with Tomato Sauce
  • Kebab Soup
  • Goat Stew
  • Stuffed Grey Mullet
  • Fish with Lemon Sauce
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