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Must Sees in Kars

Must Sees in Kars

Eyeballs of the City of Serhat

We have compiled for you, sir, the must-sees of Kars, each corner of which is full of different history and natural beauties.

City with 1001 Churches: Ani

He brought the Golden Age to Kars in the ancient city of Ani. Founded by Armenians, the city was home to the most beautiful of art, architecture and cultural riches in its early years. It was so magnificent that Ani, one who saw it, would be amazed, and the second would definitely come back. It became the most well-known trade center of the Middle Ages. Famous for its churches and gates, it was called the City with 1001 Churches. Seeing the magnificent works of the beautiful Ani, "Why didn't I come before?!" saying 1000, 1001 regrets if he does not see, telling us…

Homeland of Cheese

The members of the Malakan Family, who were exiled from Russia due to their beliefs, brought the culinary culture to Kars with them and started to produce their cheeses here as well. The visit of Swiss cheese producer David Moser to Kars in 1910 left its mark on the city. Moser, who showed the Malakans the formula of producing more and different kinds of cheese, put his signature on Kars, which is famous for its gruyere today.

Kars has become known for its cheese types that have diversified and multiplied as time goes by… Then the Boğatepe Cheese Museum was established, which houses the materials used in cheese production for more than 100 years and all the cheese varieties in the region. Who wouldn't want to go to a museum where you can walk around the green steppe and breathe the fresh air?! As GeziBilen, we warn you, you can't come here and see the Boğatepe Cheese Museum, be careful!

Honey, I can't Travel Without Staying in The Palace(!)

With your permission, we are aware that we have gathered the famous orange juice joke of the famous Comedian Cem Yılmaz, but this is really a palace and anyone can stay here! Believe us, after staying even one night in the Katerina Palace in Kars, "Honey, I can't travel without staying in the palace." you will say. During the occupied period, the Russian Tsar II. This dazzling building, commissioned by Nikolay to Dutch architects and engineers, is one of the most well-known and most visited places in the city! Shouldn't you also have a selfie in the palace, which added mediaticity to its mediaticism by hosting social media phenomena with 9 million followers last year?

Camuslukaya Pictures

Buckle up, we're going to a place that will change your perspective on art!

And here comes the Camuslu Rock Paintings in all their glory! These paintings were made in the Paleolithic Age. That is, on average, it corresponds to the year 10000 BC. Despite the difficulties of thousands of years, this 14-by-7-meter giant painting, which stubbornly preserves its existence and beauty, not only sheds light on the art history of mankind, but also brings the concept of beauty to the present day.

Church, Mosque and Museum

Guess who am I? Don't worry, we won't force you too much. This is actually a very old church, later converted into a mosque. Nowadays, it is a magnificent museum that fascinates those who see it. We are talking about the Church of the Twelve Apostles, whose construction dates back to the 10th century. The church, which was one of the buildings re-used in Kars, which was taken by the Muslims, was later named Kümbet Mosque. The work, which draws attention with its architecture reminiscent of a flower standing on its own feet, is not only one of the symbols of Kars, but also offers a visual feast to those who see it.



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