We Have Come To Mardin To Enjoy The Meat Varieties
We Have Come To Mardin To Enjoy The Meat Varieties

We Have Come To Mardin To Enjoy The Meat Varieties

Unique dishes of traditional Mardin cuisine await you. We have searched top restaurants serving dishes blended with the most special spices from kebab to kids.

1) Kebapçı Rido

There is no one who taste and does not praise the two kinds of kebab, hot and plain. As you sit at the table, starters such as hot spicy tomato dip and salads come as a treat. Do not fill your stomach with these delicious treats. Though onion and pomegranate salads have an irresistible appeal, but the more space you can spare for kebab in your stomach, the better ...Prepared from a mixture of lamb and veal, the meats are carefully selected from the local animal raised in the region I suggest you to taste the ayran in the bowl, which is very foamy, along with the kebap which will accompany the meat and refresh you.

Address: 13 Mart Mah., Burç Sok., No: 12, 47200 Artuklu/Mardin

2) Bağdadi

If you want to feel special, the address is: Baghdadi. This place has the most extravagant decoration among the restaurants in the city. The place is ready to enchant you with its beauty and tastes. Reyhani, frik salad, Bağdadi atom, şemsıl yakudi and eggplant salad with tahini constitutes the traditional appetizers of the restaurant. Then comes flavors that will conquer your heart and stomach. You can salute the local dishes consisting of options such as stuffed ribs, Düğün roasting, Bagdadi roasting, black plum kebab, kid roasting on bread.

Address: Sar Vali Adil Sok., No: 228, Artuklu/Mardin

3) Cercis Murat Konağı

You should definitely go to Cercis Murat Mansion where meat meets bulgur, cinnamon, coriander, sumac and almond are abundant and the best dishes of traditional Mardin cuisine are served! The famous Assyrian dish Dobo and Assyrian stuffed meatballs are two most preferred tastes of the place! Kisk soup, eggplant rice with cinnamon mahalep, sour plum stew alluciye, plum pan with molasses, sour chickpea dish, cauldron kebab, and stuffed vine leaves in ribs with garlic are other options that should be tasted on the menu. We should also mention the appetizers such as tebbuli, tebbel, muammara, kiremfum, megbus.

Address: Şar Mah., 1. Cad., No: 517, Artuklu/Mardin

4) Yusuf Usta

Mardin kebabs with pistachio, walnut, spices cooked on charcoal fire are served along with fried tomatoes and peppers. The taste of lavash makes you speechless. The spicy paste that you spread on top of lavash is legendary! The foamy ayran served with a spoon is something! The restaurant located at the end of the old Mardin Bazaar is surrounded by a garden.

Address: Cumhuriyet Cad., Medrese Mah., Nusaybin/Mardin


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