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What are The Most Delicious Places in Kars That We Visited Step By Step?

What are The Most Delicious Places in Kars That We Visited Step By Step?

The people of Kars, who cheer their kitchens in the most natural and fresh way of animal husbandry; It has a very rich cuisine from meat to milk, from cheese to goose.

It is impossible not to be impressed by the flavors of this serhat city, where the fragrant smells will turn your head. We have compiled these flavors for you that those who eat will want to eat again and those who do not should definitely try. Let's take you as follows in our article where we will find the names of the shops, their addresses and even their prices.

Its Story and Local Tastes Are Unique

Located in a 130-year-old historical building, Pushkin Restaurant is famous for both its flavors and its story. There are two of the most popular flavors of the place, the menu of which is mostly local dishes. Hangel, which they call 'meatless ravioli' in Kars, and Piti, a special flavor learned from Caucasian immigrants in 1815 and blended with Kars culture, where lamb shank, chickpea and saffron meet with lavash! Sercan Bey is the manager of the place.

The story of the name of the business comes from here: Russian Poet and Writer Alexander Pushkin was exiled to Kars in 1834 and lived in Kars for three years. It was here that Pushkin wrote his famous novels "The Queen of Spades" and "The Captain's Daughter". It is known that the author, who frequently talked about his travels to Kars and Erzurum when he returned to Russia, wrote many poems about this city. The owner of this place has attributed the name of the business to Pushkin as an example of loyalty.

Address: Yusufpaşa, Atatürk Cad., No: 28, 36000 Center/Kars

Hangel: 25 TL Piti: 35 TL

Eat Kars' Famous Goose at Goose House

The goose of Kars is legendary, the most beautiful goose grows in Kars. At Kazevi, hot paste and mixed pickles are brought to the table as treats before you even place your order. In the cut vaccine soup; hand cut noodles, green lentils and sauce. Ketesi is one of the famous flavors of Kars. Together with Reyhan sherbet, they become a unique duo. Goose meat, which is the main flavor of the place, is also served with bulgur pilaf. We recommend that you try Ovmaç Halva (Kars Halva) at the end of your meal here.

Address: Yusufpaşa Mah., Atatürk Cad., No:1, 36100 Merkez/Kars

Goose Meat: 90 TL

Doner Flavored with Milk and Yogurt

If you want to eat doner kebab in Kars, you should definitely visit Tadım Doner Hall. In this place, where you can get treats (onion salad, seasonal salad, cold tomatoes, roasted peppers and pickled peppers) as soon as you sit down, a portion of doner kebab consists of 120-130 grams on average. The venue is located in the center of Kars, on the street where the banks are at the end of Aslanlı Yolu. The meat of the doner kebab, which is managed by Şentürk Usta, is prepared by softening with milk and yogurt.

Address: Yusufpaşa, Kazım Karabekir Cad., No:18, 36000 Center/Kars

Portion Doner: 19 TL

I Don't Call Gruyere Gruyere Unless You Taste It Here

Kars' world-famous gruyere and old cheddar are both tasted and bought here! Gruyere cheese is made from 25 liters of milk, but only 1 kilo of cheese is obtained from it. You might think that one piece has an average glass of milk. It is obtained by grazing animals in May-June and July. It is absolutely impossible to cheat in the production of this precious cheese, which can be produced 50 tons a year in three months.

There is also aged cheddar with stinging nettle, thyme and garlic, which is managed by Gürkan Bey and can only be found in Metinbey Cheesemaking.

Address: No: 4, Faikbey Cad., 36000 Center/Kars

Gruyere (weight): 90 TL

Old Cheddar: 40 TL

Both the Künefe and the Kadayif are Crispy

Generally, people crave sweets in cold weather. Well, as you know, Kars is one of our hometowns, which is also famous for its cold weather... If you want sweets in Kars, you don't have many alternatives, but we say don't come back without stopping by Künefeci Hasan Usta. The crispy desserts of Hasan Usta, famous for its kadayif and künefe, disintegrate with their freshness as soon as you dip your fork. He also runs his own business.

Address: Ortakapı, Faikbey Cd. No:27, 36100 Kars Center/Kars

Portion of Kadayif: 9 TL

The Joy of Warm Chats

There are many teahouses in Kars, large and small. Among the teahouses where you can both sip your hot tea and listen to Kars culture more closely than its real owners, Kazımpaşa Tea House is a place where you can sip your tea with your family with peace of mind.

Address: Yusufpasa, 36000 Center/Kars

Tea: 2 TL


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