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The Food of Bursa Is Beyond Iskender Kebab

The cuisine of this geography is very important as Bursa is a city that has been identified with the Ottomans for many years. The kitchen has a manner and order. Gourmets know this very well…

Almost everyone thinks of Iskender kebab when Bursa is mentioned. Many people think of Alexander the warrior of centuries ago, but this information is wrong. This kebab takes its name from Alexander, but it takes its name from Alexander Effendi. I'll tell you his story in a minute. And then I'll sort out my flavor suggestions. Good readings:

The story of Iskender kebab, one of the famous dishes of Bursa region, dates back to Iskender Effendi, son of Mehmet, in 1867. The secret of this taste begins in a small shop in the Kayhan town of Bursa... Iskender Effendi, who is only 12-13 years old, makes a revolutionary invention. With the support of his uncle Sabit Dede, he brings his invention to life. After separating the lamb from its bones and nerves, it cooks in charcoal vertically, on a stick, rotating it around its axis. In this way, they got rid of the trouble of turning the meat, and developed an equal cooking method, as well as the smell and smoke were eliminated. This flavor made a name in Bursa as ‘Iskender Efendi's Döner Kebab’ at that time. This is the origin of the folk language ‘döner’ and ‘döner kebab’ definitions.

After sharing this beautiful information with you, I rank other flavors of Bursa:

- Iskender Kebap (Around The Great Mosque)

- Kemalpaşa Dessert (Mustafa Kemal Pasha)

- Butcher Dumplings (Osmangazi)

- Cantik (Osmangazi)

- Baghdad Palm Dessert (Osmangazi)

- Pancake (Cumalıkızık)

- Pideli Köfte (Osmangazi)

- Inegöl Köfte (Inegöl)

- Elbasan Tava (Around The Great Mosque)

- Kırnaçe and Kebapçe (around the Great Mosque)

- Baghdad Persimmon (Around The Grand Mosque)

- Milk Halva (Cumalıkızık)

- Chestnut Sugar (Around The Great Mosque)

- Chocolate Chestnut Sugar

- Almond Chestnut Sugar


  • guvenylmz
    23.03.2023 08:54

    Sırf iskender için bile giderim.


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