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The Symbol of Ankara: Hittite Sun Disc

Of course, the Capital of Turkey has a significant place in our minds. When it is about Ankara, Anıtkabir occurs to one, and Mustafa Kemal Atatürk occurs to another; some say Ankara cat, and others talk about the Ministries; even people tell about Behzat Ç, which is an Ankara detective story among the recent popular TV shows. This city is even different with its alive night club culture. And everyone in Turkey knows that if someone calls you as 'La Bebe', there is no doubt that this person is from Ankara. This city is 'the jewel in the crown' for its food, drinks, climate, and the symbol of this jewel has been officially the Hittite Sun Disk for almost about 50 years.

When you come to Ankara, it is possible to come across this symbol at many places. It is even the symbol of Ankara University... When you come to Sıhhıye, the busiest square in Ankara, Hittite Sun Disk will embrace you with its for 4 thousand 250-year-old story. But why?

The meaning of the symbol dates back to a very ancient civilization. It goes back to not to Hittites, but Hattians. In other words, it dates to 2500 - 2000 BC, to 4 thousand 250 years ago. Hittite Sun Disk was unearthed for the first time in Alacahöyük excavations in the borders of Çorum, not in Ankara. This Hittite Sun symbol has such a distinct meaning! During the time of Hattians, which emerged from the territories of Ankara today and is the most ancient civilization of Anatolia, this symbol became famous with the kings. The deer symbol representing the peace during the religious ceremonies and the circular sun shape adorned with the bird and tree figures representing the reproduction and fertility were also used frequently at the funerals of the kinds.

And the symbol was announced officially for the first time as the symbol of the city in 1973 by Vedat Dalokay, the Mayor of Ankara Municipality, and in 1978, it was symbolized upon the opening of the monument in Sıhhiye. Since that day, Hittite Sun Disk has been the symbol of Ankara one way or another.

Therefore, our friends who love travelling, exploring and touristic trips please don't get surprised if you see this symbol while wandering around Ankara streets. This symbol is the gift of the civilizations dating back to 4 thousand 250 years to Ankara today!


  • muratball
    23.03.2023 08:15

    Ankaranın Önemli simgelerinden.

  • muratball
    23.03.2023 08:14

    4250 Yıl öncesinden bugüne kadar korunması harika 👏🏼


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