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Bedesten, the oldest commercial structure in the city, is the only place synonymous with Trabzon and its commercial history. The word 'Bedesten', which originates in Persian, are large structures with a rectangular plan, often covered with domes built for the sale of jewels, silk fabrics, weapons and similar items. Bedesten in Trabzon is one of the places that sheds light on the city's trade history, is integrated with this place and where the people still shop the most. Turkish bedestens usually consist of multiple domes. Bedesten in Trabzon consists of a single dome and is the only example of its area. Bedesten, one of the first works built after the conquest of Trabzon, taken by Fatih Sultan Mehmet in the 15th century, becomes one of the most admired structures of the city during its six centuries of history. This historic building, where all local and foreign tourists who come to the city stops, especially once for the purchase of souvenirs, is one of trabzon's indispensable shopping points with its grandeur in its architecture, mysticism in its aura and its affordable products. Bedesten, who deserves to be returning to Trabzon without stopping by and not returning any of his guests without meeting his wishes, is one of the most important parts of the historical fabric of the city.


  • ezgicam
    11.08.2022 07:03

    İstanbul daki Mahmutpaşanın bir benzeri adeta. Bu kadim şehirde böyle tarihi bir dokuya raslayabileceğimi düşünmemiştim. Türk-islam medeniyetinin ve kültürünün izlerini görmek mutluluk verici…

  • zehraavarolx
    27.07.2022 07:04

    Trabzon kalesine yakın alışveriş yapmak için gidebileceğiniz tarihi çarşı. Üst katında kafesi mevcut


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