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City of Princes: Trabzon

Trabzon means the lands where Prince Abdullah lived with his mother Şirin Hatun as the first flag officer, Yavuz Sultan Selim became a flag officer during his princehood and even Suleyman the Magnificent was born! These lands, known as the 'City of Princes', are so rich and beautiful that even Evliya Çelebi called it 'Small Istanbul'. Although almost every district have some specialities that they are famous for, I will present you the symbols of Trabzon as fast as greased lightningin.

Sumela Monastery

The Sumela Monastery, which has become the symbol of Trabzon, is also known as the "Virgin Mary" colloquially. Do not consider yourself that you have seen Trabzon without going on a historical journey that is to say, without taking a photo in this place, at an altitude of 300 meters and examining the frescoes.


I bet you have never seen a lake like the one in Uzungol, if you have not visited Uzungöl yet. It has a magnificent nature that you will be amazed by the scenery you will see if you visit the place in winter. You can stay in the bungalows for one night, against the completely frozen lake.

Trabzon Twıst Bangle Bracelet (Woven)

Even if you are not from Trabzon, you must have heard of a gold bracelet known as woven or a Trabzon twist bangle… When gold is concerned, which is an indispensable part of women with its workmanship, undoubtedly, this bracelet is also mentioned. The woven bracelet is known as the lace of gold. It is a cultural heritage from centuries ago and produced only in Trabzon in Turkey. There is a story of a woman from Black Sea region behind every woven bracelet. The bracelets, which are produced in at least 12 days, are woven by women for a week, and the rest of the work is completed in the second week.

Trabzon Keşan Shawl

For nearly 500 years, women have been weaving Trabzon Kesan shawl meticulously, which is used by women in Trabzon to cover up of which the color red is preferred. Çarşıbaşı Keşan cloth, which was registered as 'Geographical indication' in 2008, is a handicraft and a true Trabzon symbol!


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