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Kars Culinary Culture

What to Eat in Kars?

We bet even the stuffed stomachs will get hungry! Enticing people with its rich and rich culinary culture, and guaranteeing to be fishy if you are swept away by these beauties, Kars seems to have vowed to organize a festival on your palate with flavors you cannot find anywhere else! Let's see what's in the fine cuisine of this city?

Umaç Halva

Although you are likely to liken it to flour halva at first sight, the making and taste of this halva is different!

Hörre (Flour Soup)

“A little flour and a little water, how good can it be?” We can hear you say, but we bet you'll have a flavor fest in your mouth!

Kars Pastry

Please everyone stand in a moment of silence! Here, we are talking about a hand-baked pastry filled with the enormous Kars gruyere. Attention!

Khingel (Hangel)

Don't call it false ravioli, we'll be taken! Remember, every flavor of Kars is beautiful and unique. It is not known whether it is because of its air or water, but he is not like a ravioli without minced meat, but a headliner who does not condescend to minced meat!


Destroy your prejudices now! This is not like the kets you know. There is pure Kars honey in it for once!

Noodle Rice

And here is the incredible combination of potatoes, noodles and green lentils! We guarantee you won't be back to rice pilaf after eating this!


It is the most famous dish of Kars' endless but indispensable winter. You won't believe the harmony of bulgur with yoghurt and hot butter!

Sour Meat

“Uyy what the hell!” We hear you say? It's a shame, take that word back now! “We didn't know that the best form of meat was sour, before we went to this kitchen…” This flavor makes people sing.


It is something that can relieve a person of all their troubles by changing a single letter in his name. Who can say no to a hot, hot basil cooked on a sheet metal?!


Hasuda, a legendary dessert that will descend from your palate to your stomach as a 'leap', cannot be told, it is lived!

Tandoori Goose Pull (Goose Hanging)

Don't worry, you won't encounter a cross section from the adventure of unfortunate events that you have come across on social media lately. This time, it's enough to leave the job to the experts and step aside. Eat the delicious goose meat on the vine!


It is a type of bread that is eaten without any additives, and its taste is never satisfied. It is legendary because it is kneaded with cream instead of water.


And we run away, leaving a new topic of discussion. Kars or Trabzon?

By the way, don't want to change your mind, but Kars kuymak is prepared with pure water buffalo cream and çecil cheese special to Kars!

Aside from the beauty of Kars cuisine, which is generally based on pastry and cheese, do not forget to take into account the weight it will gain. Enjoy it now!


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    Süper hepsi

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    29.03.2023 12:30

    Hepsinide denememiz lazım…

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    Okurken acıktım resmen


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