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Architecture of Kars

Capital of Architecture: Kars

No joke, this city with thousands of years of history. Due to its location, it has been the scene of numerous wars and occupations. Still, the Ottoman and Russians shaped its architecture. Let's dive into the architecture of Kars, which is full of beautiful and insatiable works of art! Trust us, you will never be bored!

An Armenian Art: The Ancient City of Ani

The Armenians, who made Kars the center of trade, moved the settlement area to the Silk Road during the years they ruled in the city. The Armenians, who left countless works in the place known today as Ani Ancient City, made the first and most important touches to the architectural texture of Kars, revealing the churches, bazaars and monasteries that we admire even today. The architecture of Ani was given so much importance that the city lived its Golden Age during the formation process of the Ancient City of Ani. It was also called the City with 1001 Churches, or the City with 40 Doors…. If it is known as the most mystical place in the city today, it is due to the magnificent works that Armenians left us hundreds of years ago. Would you look at this beauty! They're not wrong at all, do you think?

Address of Uninterrupted Worship: Yusuf Pasha Mosque

Yusuf Pasha Mosque, one of the most important architectural structures of the Ottoman Empire in the city, was built in 1664 by Kars Beylerbeyi Seyit Yusuf Pasha. This place, which has already left behind 3.5 centuries, is still open for worship. Moreover, it is made of gray and white basalt stones, which were not used much at that time. The mosque, which contains the most beautiful architectural features of its period, is one of the works that best reflect the Ottoman architectural style of the city.

Russian Touch

Like a soul blown into people, the Russians have given Kars its architectural identity at almost the speed of blowing. They made a feverish effort to give Kars a new architectural identity, which was lost after the 1877-1878 Ottoman-Russian War, which went down in the dusty pages of history as the 93 War. The Russian Tsar of the period II. As a result of the incessant work of architects and engineers specially brought by Nikolay from the Netherlands, Kars was brought to its present architectural style in a period of 40 years. The most beautiful examples of the Baltic architectural style are exhibited, almost a visual feast, consisting of an average of two floors and winking today as if each square centimeter had a separate processing; Today, it is one of the most magnificent and interesting places in the city.



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