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What To Buy, Where To Buy In Hatay

We are giving you all the necessary tips about what to buy and where to buy it in Hatay! Don’t forget to indulge in the spice culture of this city and add some elegance to your look with colorful silk scarves J

Zahtar: You can find it in the Aktarlar Bazaar. This powder is a mixture of a variety of spices and you put some butter on your bread, then dip the bread into this powder. It is very delicious.

Dried Thyme: You can find it in the Zahireciler Square. You can ground it, add to your meals, boil it and drink the water, when you cannot find it fresh, you can damp it and add to your salads.

Moldy Çökelek: You can find it in the Long Bazaar. It is very delicious. You can chop it, add some olive oil and eat in the breakfast.

Salty Yoghurt: This yoghurt is made by fermenting goat milk, by cooking it in a large boiler by constantly stirring with a wooden spoon. Salt is added and when it starts to boil, it becomes like stained yoghurt. You can find it in the Long Bazaar.

Paprika Paste: You can find slightly hot and hot varieties in the shops in the Long Bazaar and the Zahireciler Square.

Spices: You can find every type of spice in this city built on the Spice Road of the ancient times. You can visit the Aktarlar Bazaar to find it.

Pot Cheese: It is made by keeping the mixture of black sesame, freshly fermented salt free cheese and çökelek under the ground for about 6 months. You can find it in the Long Bazaar.

String Cheese: Here is another local taste! It is obtained by processing fermented cheese of cow and goat milk with hot waters. It is put in string shape and pickled. You can find it in the Long Bazaar.

Pomegranate Syrup: It is obtained by boiling pomegranate juice. I recommend buying from the Hatice Hanım’s Farm. You can find the best taste here. It is not made of ordinary pomegranates, but of a special kind.

Dried Veggies: If you would like to buy some dried marrow, eggplants and peppers, you can find in the shops in the Long Bazaar. It is sold by the piece.

Mulberry Syrup: It is obtained by boiling the juice of black mulberry. You can find it in bottles in the Long Bazaar. Put a couple of ice cubes and drink on hot summer days, yummy!

Silk Products: When you are in Antakya, you should absolutely visit Harbiye. If you want to buy some souvenirs for your friends, visit the silk shops in Harbiye.

Bay Leaf Soap: This organic soap is made of olive oil, caustic and bay leaf without any additives. You can find it almost everywhere in Antakya. The color and smell might vary depending on the quality of olive oil and bay leaves.

Patty Frier: Ladies, this frying pan is very useful to cook patties. You should visit the Bakırcılar Bazaar to buy this, it is very handy!



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