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Memories From Gaziantep To Fit In Your Bag

Known with its delicious foods and baklava, Gaziantep is the home of Ezo Gelin. The handicraft, which is at least as famous as its food, is quite important and valuable in this region. You can visit Coppersmith’s Bazar and Elmacı Bazaar to buy some souvenir.

Flat-Heeled Bootees

Hand-made bootees are made of genuine leather in Gaziantep. They do neither sweat nor cause pain... The outside of the bootees is made of goatskin, and inside is made of sheepskin. And no synthetic material is used to produce them. As much as natural, they are also good looking!

Antep İşi (Needle Lace)

It’s the women who weave the fabric in Antep. It is such a hard work to weave Antep İşi fabric that it requires uniformity. The adorned fabrics, covers and laces garnish all around the house.

Kutnu Weaving

Kutnu is a silk weaving special for Gaziantep, and it used to be produced only using silk thread. Then, artificial silk was started to be used. And it reached to its current form adding some cotton thread to the content. And here is a reminder, this fabric is even showed up in the London fashion shows.

Nacreous Marquetry

Wooden boxes, trays, jewellery boxes and many more made of nacreous marquetry... These products are indicated among the most precious wooden works of the world, and this is another reminder.

Antep Soap

The craftsmen from Aleppo came to the region in the 19th century for soap making business. There are plenty of soap manufacturers in Nizip. It is a good idea to buy some olive oil soaps from Nizip as you will get the chance to use the last products of the soap making, which has turned into a complete fabrication process.

Copper Items

Here is the address: the origin is the Coppersmiths' Bazaar. Coppersmith business has been alive for 400 years in Gaziantep, and coffeepots, coffee cups, object and souvenirs are waiting for you at the Gaziantep bazaars. They are entirely hand-made and fabulous!

The Food To Take with You

. Baklava

. Antep cheese

. Dried Vegetables 

. Zahter 

. Coffee

. Chilli Pepper and Sumac  


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