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Edirne, The Spring of Ottoman Cuisine To Life

For Thracian people, it is said that “they are the Sultans of the kitchen!'... Whatever you put in front of the women, they turn it into a delicious meal; the men, especially show their skills in meat or fish varieties, by grilling, barbecuing.

I will now present a list of local delicacies in Edirne, the homeland. Once the capital of the Ottoman Empire, the culture of the palace cuisine dominates the bottom of this geography will be able to get to know more closely. And then I'll tell you where you can best taste the three great flavor icons. If you're ready, I'll start...

Fruits meet meat: Mutancana

Grape, plum and apricot dried are accompanied If you have venison or lamb meat to meet vinegar, honey, walnuts or almonds... Let's say that it is one of the Ottoman palace kitchen’s special recipe.

Döner Kebab-Looking liver: Edirne pan liver

It is the symbol dish of Edirne, which is cut and fried leaf by leaf, and whose taste is delicious, which at the end of my article I will present special restaurant addresses for being among the ‘big three’.

The appetizer turned into a meal: Mamzana

This delicious eggplant is served with tomato, pepper, parsley, garlic and lemon juice. Although it may seem like an appetizer, it is hearty in itself.

The gathering of mince and rice: Meatballs with rice dipped in egg batter and fried

There is not anyone who has not tried this meatball. But as we told you, the women of this place combine every flavor, here is the perfect harmony of rice and mince!

Watch out for the one cooked in stew: Elbasan pan

Also, this dish is so famous that very few people know the origin of this dish;) This flavor, which occurs with its history, is made with lamb meat in Edirne and has keep the bar high.

Different Kind of Chicken stew: Chicken stew with onions

Wouldn't chicken and onion come together and be nice? Especially if you are sick, it is healing.

Traditional Flavor: Zirva

In the Ottoman Empire, between the two holidays, all Ramadan nights and every Friday, the meat is accompanied by dried fruits, but with the difference of saffron!

Dear liver: Stuffed Liver

The lungs, which are integrated with the inner rice, are wrapped and wrapped in a lamb's inner pond. Because of those smells coming from the bakery, not only the neighborhood, but the entire neighborhood's cats are gathered ☺

Crown of the palace kitchen: Pumpkin kalye

Another taste of Ottoman palace cuisine! The pumpkin is accompanied by lamb meat, while the unripe grape and grape juice crown the flavor.

Are you one of those who know vegetable patty and do not know vegetable patty with spinach?: Spinach patty

Man, people of this place have another imagination in the kitchen! Of course, these women who are opening the horizon will see patty as a method and spinach as a tool ☺

Challenge to Kayseri's ravioli: Kandilli dumpling

If Kayseri has the dumpling, Edirne also has Kandilli dumpling... This dumpling originally made with duck meat are now cooked with chicken meat, even if you find the original one, you should definitely taste it!

What's a pancake? Crepe...

This pastry, referred as pancakes, cizlama and many more, is nothing but a crepe for the Edirne people.

A full courtier: Zerde

It's a total royal and noble... Its color and another flavor are different than any other dessert, it is the indispensable dessert of the palace.

My milk halva: the halva of Veterans

Put honey instead of sugar in the flour halva add milk into iy ... See if this is the standard halva or not...

Missssssss: Medley with walnuts

And when you see the crispy dough, the hot syrup and the walnuts in abundance, you cannot S-T-A-N-D the taste of it.

Speaking of sherbet: Baklava with Almonds

Baklava, which is debated whether it is walnut or pistachio, actually takes on a completely different flavor with almonds.

Address Suggestions for The Three Greats

Even to find the most special and beautiful ones of these flavors, travel fitting to foodies towards Edirne can be gone.... You can even go to experience Ottoman cuisine! Anyway, I now give you the addresses of the big three.

1-Liver Pan

Aydin Pan Liğcisi

Address: Tahmis Bazaar, No: 12, 22020 Merkez/Edirne

Master Niyazi

Address: Mithat Paşa, Ortakapi Cad., No: 5-2, Merkez/Edirne

Kazım and Ilhan Usta, famous Edirne Liverman

Address: Dilaverbey, Osmaniye Cad., No: 69, Balikpazarı/Edirne

Öz Akgünler Edirne Livercisi

Address: Mithat Paşa, Orhaniye Cad., No: 9, 22020 Merkez/Edirne

2-Almond Cookies


Address: Government Cad., No. 5, 22020 Merkez/Edirne

3 - Kallavi Cookie


Address: Şükrüpaşa Mah., Suyolları Mevkii, Lalapaşa Yolu, No:3-A, Merkez/Edirne


  • vlknckcc
    22.03.2023 11:27

    Tava Ciğeri ve Manda yoğurtu tabiki satır köftesi de olmazsa olmazları.

  • Mahmut Koca
    12.11.2021 16:00

    Tava ciğer'de; Çiçek Tava Ciğer'i Bademli kurabiye, kallavi kurabiye'de; Sayınbaş Şekerlemeyi tek geçerim.

  • Mahmut Koca
    12.11.2021 16:01

    Edirne köftesi, Tavşan köfte ve Keşan Satır Köftesi listede yok.


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