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Athena's House with a World View: Assos

The region where settled life has been uninterrupted since the Bronze Age still carries the traces left by the Lydians 3000 years ago. The story that begins on the shores of the Aegean Sea extends to Mount Ida in this city. When you face the island of Lesbos, the land you are standing on is Assos, which was once the place where Aristotle established his philosophy school and can be called Athena's house with a view of the world...

How to Get to Behramkale?

When you turn your route to Behramkale, which is 86 kilometers away from the center of Çanakkale, you can start enjoying your 1-hour journey. If you have planned your trip from Altınoluk, do not leave the coastline during your 2-hour journey. You do not have the opportunity to come directly to Behramkale by bus from points such as Istanbul, Bursa, Izmir, and Ankara, but you can prefer intercity bus terminals in nearby cities and evaluate the lines after the terminal.

Places to Visit

At the end of your journey, a village located on an ancient volcanic cone, Behramkale, will welcome you. The settlement, which was called Makhramion during the Byzantine period, has taken the names Makhram, Behram, and then Behramkale over time. While strolling the streets of Behramkale village before sunset, the stalls of the Yörüks, who sell various local products, accompany you, and when you explore all the streets and climb the hill, the ancient city of Assos greets you at the top of Behramkale. Assos Archaeological Site is also included in the UNESCO World Heritage Tentative List.

This city, where settled life has been continuous since the Bronze Age, has come under the rule of the Lydians, Persians, Pergamenes, and Romans throughout history and was abandoned in the Middle Ages. When the year 1521 came, Piri Reis, looking towards the coast from his ship, was one of the first people to discover the ruins, but the ancient city was discovered by Francis Bacon during the excavations conducted by the American Archaeological Institute between 1880 and 1883.

Assos, which has the only major harbor in the region, surpassed other cities with ships visiting this harbor and gained prosperity and wealth. Thanks to this harbor, the sarcophagi they produced with andesite stone were exported to different regions such as Syria, Greece, and Rome. In 2009, archaeologists conducting excavation work discovered that andesite stone was not only used for sarcophagi. The columns made of andesite stone were just a few pieces of Athena Temple.

Athena Temple is located on the acropolis, which is the peak of the ancient city, and is the most important structure of the city. The temple is dedicated to Athena, one of the 12 Olympian gods and the sacred protector of the city. There is a breathtaking sea view at the location of the temple. What makes this structure special is that it is the only temple built in the Doric order in Anatolia. Other findings of the temple, which will impress you with its ruins when visiting the ancient city, are located in the Istanbul Archaeology Museum, Louvre Museum, and Boston Museum.

Assos and Philosophy

The stones laid by the Lydians 3000 years ago have managed to survive until today and have conveyed the philosophical energy of Aristotle to us.

Hermesias, who studied at Plato's school in his youth, invited his philosopher friends, especially Aristotle, to Assos. Aristotle, who married Hermesias' niece Phtias, lived in Assos for three years and established a philosophy school in Assos in 347 BC, where he conducted studies on the science of life.

You can visit this ancient city with a MüzeKart. If you don't have a MüzeKart, you can get a subscription at the ticket office or buy a ticket for entry. Visiting hours of the ancient city may vary depending on the season, so it is advisable to check the visiting hours before your trip.

What to Eat in Behramkale?

For those who want to have a meal accompanied by the tranquility of the sea after visiting all the sightseeing spots, we have a few recommendations. Here, you can taste fresh seafood and enjoy the region's famous dishes made with authentic olive oil from its olive groves. You can also buy various dairy products such as white cheese and butter, which are famous for their dairy products in Çanakkale. The famous cheese halva of the city is also among the flavors that can be preferred to sweeten your trip.

Behramkale Hotels and Campsites

If you want to spend the night in Behramkale, most of the places you can stay here consist of campsites. Serenay Camping, located between Altınoluk and the Behram road, serves in summer and winter seasons. If you don't want to leave Behramkale, you can visit Hafız's Place, located in Kadırga Cove. For those who do not want to camp, there are also hotels available. If you prefer to stay at Assos Terrace, located in Kadırga Cove, you can enjoy a bird's eye view of Kadırga Cove and enjoy your vacation in this hotel, which is harmonized with nature. Assos Sunset Boutique, located in the center of Behramkale, has a more authentic design. If you choose to stay at this hotel, you can spend time at the corner bar on the terrace at the end of the day or lie in a hammock and feel the energy of Assos that has lasted throughout history while looking at the stars in the sky. Taşlı Köşk, located in the center, has almost the same atmosphere as Assos Sunset Boutique. Our last hotel is Assos Dove, located at the tip of the bay. This hotel is located at the far end of Assos. The hotel, consisting of small villas, also has its own beach.

Written by: Batın Türk



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