Famous Names of Antalya
Famous Names of Antalya

Famous Names of Antalya

Regards from the city of Yoruks. The city is full of legendary history and an incredible wealth of culture, so we get curious about who is from this cith. We have searched, selected, read, written and compiled without being too lazy. Come on, Come on. Let's see who's from Antalya.

Haldun Dormen

Our first name, of course, is Haldun Dormen. Although Haldun Dormen, a veteran of Turkish theatre and cinema, was born in Mersin in 1928, he was born by his grandfather in Manavgat district of Antalya. The achievements of Haldun Dormen, who has been one of the most important representatives of art, acting and art lover in Turkey for many years, are countless. Antalya in which the theater scenes become the most prominent part of thousands of years of ancient cities can not be expected from others except Haldun Dormen.

Deniz Seki

Deniz Seki being such a beauty with harmony in her voice, with the songs she sings sometime make people smile, and sometime make people cry by looking away and daydream is originally from Antalya. Seki, a songwriter, composer and singer who has added her acting from time to time and is much loved by the Turkish people, still retains her place among the most listened names today.

Levent Yüksel

We can't go through without stating it now. The one who has the love of 1980 and 1990 generations, and has memorized the songs, the owner of the pain of love on the face of a sweet smile while commemorating his ex-lover is Levent Yüksel and he himself is from Antalya

İrfan Değirmenci

İrfan Değirmenci, one of the most widely followed news announcers in Antalya, is one of the famous names. A long journey from TED College to Ankara University Faculty of Communication, Değirmenci is also one of the first search results anchorman of Turkish television. Let's also point out that although he was born in Ankara, he is originally from Antalya.

Asuman Çakır

Asuman Cakir, one of the distinguished artists of Antalya, is in fact a very valuable theater and film actor, although she is known for his work in TRT 1.

Hafıze Şahın

Our young athlete Hafize Sahin, who has earned the right to go all the way to the Olympics in Rio, is also from Antalya.

Fatih Ahıskalı

The foundation of Fatih Ahiskali's beautiful voice, which has been engaged in music since the age of 14 and has a large fan base, is based on the art-smelling lands of Antalya.

Mehmet Ulay

Veteran actor Mehmet Ulay, known for giving life to sweet-hard characters and well-liked with his fatherly temperament, is also one of the artists of Antalya.

Özlem Yıldız

Having model and presenter history, she also proves that beautiful women can be quite successful, hardworking and smart in the 1990s, one of the names describing Turkey's Grace Representative who is Özlem Yıldız is also from Antalya.

Mehmet Özgür

In the end, a person who is a character actor, a compassionate father or a daredevil killer, or a funny person who managed to play the right to the end and enshrined the hearts of the Turkish people, which is Mehmet Ozgur is one of the people who drank from the art water of Antalya.


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    05.05.2023 10:59

    Aşk acısının tatlı yüzü Levent Yüksel


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