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Magnificent Nature of Antalya

Magnificent Nature of Antalya

We have compiled for you the natural beauties of Antalya, which was referred as ‘Heaven on Earth’ thousands of years ago, and which has not lost anything of its natural splendour today, here they are.

Alara Streamlet

First, we want to talk about Alara Streamlet. This streamlet, which takes its name from the region where it is located because it is located in the Alara region and contains traces of many different civilizations since it is located in the Ottoman, Byzantine, Seljuk and Silk Road, will make you either a poet or a photographer.

Düden Falls

Although it is referred as Iskender Waterfall or Upper Düden Waterfall in many various sources, the locals of Antalya call it Düdenbaşı Waterfall. This beautiful place, which we are sure will fill your soul with the romantic peace of the water as if it were a lover full of longing who has met his beloved, is the kind that will make you astonish with its splendor.


It is also called the Eternal Fire of Olympus, or the Yanartaş, which is a natural wonder and famous for the legends that are told about it rather than who gives what name, actually burns because a natural gas source suddenly comes into contact with the air when it comes out. However, this magnificent heat, which has not been extinguished for centuries, is powerful enough to inspire you to admire it.

Kekova Island

In fact, Kekoka Island, which lies at the bottom of a sunken city and which is so beautiful and so sad that only boat tours can be reached, will take you to the horizon towards deep thoughts...

Köprülü Canyon

Köprülü Canyon, which is a place frequented especially by rafting lovers and hosts the most delicate meeting of green and turquoise, is also one of the indispensable addresses for photography enthusiasts. We thought that if we didn't add such a marvel to our article, huge part of Antalya would be missing.…

In fact, Antalya is such a city that neither the natural beauty ends by counting nor its history... We try to list the most worth seeing places, the most important and natural beauties, when Antalya is mentioned. We'll wait for you to other blog posts, messire, see you.


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    22.03.2023 11:36

    Kekova adasına nasıl gidebilirim


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