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Ankara's Local Tastes and Catering Culture

Even the ones who have not tried it knows the fame of Ankara's simit... Ankara's döner follows it. Its lentil soup is also different, and the stew and kuru (pastry) in Beypazarı, oh yummy!

And the food etiquette is also notable in Ankara. The side dishes flow to the table as soon as you sit, but they do not have any standard! The table is so covered with the sides that you may not be left any place for the ordered food. We should warn you... Moreover, the restaurant owner does not charge anything for the sides! Thus, while at a restaurant, you don't need to think that "I did not order this" or "I'd better start washing the dishes before the check"; you will just pay what you see on the menu.

So, what to try in Ankara? Gezibilen offers you an unbelievable route dedicated to this question, but I will list some of the delicacies that you should try. And the rest will be your choice!

-         Beypazarı Stew

-         Beypazarı Kuru (Pastry)

-         Ankara Simit (as you know...)

-         Entekke Pastry

-         Stuffed Vine Leaves in Efelek Style

-         Ankara Tava

-         Bread Kebab

-         Kutludüğün Bread

-         Köfter (Molasses Delight)

-         Malak Dessert

-         Orman Kebab

-         Upside-Down Pastry

-         Uruş Lamb Stew

-         Ankara Döner


  • semraerdogan
    31.03.2022 10:50

    höşmerim. Ankara nın kendine has tarifiyle yapılan höşmerimdir. kaymak, süt. tereyağı, un ile yapılır. üstüne bal ya da toz şeker dökülerek yenir.

  • muratball
    23.03.2023 08:13

    Ankara tava için önereceğiniz mekan varmıdır ?


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