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There are no monumental graves for chiefs anywhere in the world except Konya! On top of that, do you know that the first example of world-famous chefs working with teams started in the kitchen of the Mevlevi? Alright, we gave enough hints, now it is travel time to the flavors blended with the deep roots of Konya cuisine.

We are in Konya, where food in world cuisine begins to turn into art and act as a team for the first time. Konya cuisine, developed in Seljuk palaces and kneaded with the philosophy of Mevlevi, forms the main roots of Turkish cuisine.

Konya cuisine shows a rich variety of its own with its architecture, tools, food types, cooking methods, table arrangements, service methods, and food prepared for the winter. It even writes in the history books that the first culinary teamwork started in the Mevlevi kitchen. Moreover, it would be sufficient to state the magnificence of Konya cuisine, to say that the first chef (Ateşbazı Veli), whose monument tomb was probably built first in the world, is located in Konya.

From the start, our course will take a full day. On this journey, we will experience many different flavors in one day and with great pleasure. Our journey begins in a breakfast room. Now we can feel you are as excited as we are. If you are ready, let us be on our way. Our first stop is Lokmahane.


  • oguzhanakduman
    30.11.2022 13:46

    Finalinde Konya`nın yemek kültürünü baştan aşağıya deneyimleyebileceğiniz, harika bir rota.

  • mustafaalii
    13.06.2022 11:26

    Sırf etli ekmek yemek için bu rotayı yeniden deneyimlerim.


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