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Things to See in Van

Things to See in Van

Do not Return Home without Visiting Them!

Opening the gates of history with the wisdom of the past, the city of Van takes the visitors on a trip towards the heart of age-old civilisations … While some say, “There is a monster in the lake’’, other say, “it is the gate of Mesopotamia opening to Anatolia’’. Let’s put them aside and have a look at places sine-qua-non for every visitor …

The Purest Waterfall in the World

‘Kanispi’ means milk, as white as milk, pure as milk … The cascades of the Kanispi Waterfall foam down the rocks in April when the waters reach peak speeds… With water masses flowing down as white as milk, it is a fascinating spectacle, one of the marvels of nature weaving peace into the souls of visitors. It is an indispensable place for photography lovers and a living space where nature lovers wish to live forever.

A Cup of Coffee for 40 Years of Friendship Over a View of 3000 Years

Who does not drink a cup of coffee at a place which was used by the Urartian people as an altar for votive offerings to their gods?! The spectacular view at this place that embraces the visitors with a historical background going back 3000 years equals the one Bosporus offers… With Van lake on one side and a valley extending as far as the eye can see on the other, the terrace offers a spectacular 360-degree panoramic view over this marvellous city.

A Voyage in Time: Seven Churches

It is a real voyage in time, it is not a joke. This is a religious complex dating back to the 700s A.D! Despite the walls that have not survived, the Seven Churches has nevertheless stood the test of time to a large extent in all its beauty since the 8th century. The complex consists of five churches in two groups, a community house (jametun), a bell tower, and a library. It is one of the places in Van, which promise an unforgettable experience to visitors.

A Place Embedded in Peace: Viewing Terrace on Akdamar Island

It would not be an exaggeration to say that this is the only place where you can enjoy the best view of Van Lake in a peaceful and quiet environment. This viewing terrace around the site where a Turkish flag stands at the location where the old observation tower once stood on the island of Akdamar offers a spectacular view. The terrace, an ideal place for photography lovers, creates in one a sense of belonging and peace in one’s heart. 

A Monument of Adorability: Pişik House / House of Felines

Besides numerous historical sights and rich culture, the Van cat, unique to the city, is also famous worldwide. Local people call these cute fellow animals 'pişik’ instead of ‘kedi’ as used in standard language. These small cute pişiks with eyes of different colours, with which people share their homes for years, are at risk of extinction in recent time. Therefore, these sweet creatures have now been put under protection in the House of Felines for Van Cats built by the Governorship of Van. So, these cats, which can play with the visitors for hours with endless energy, are a symbol of the city and the darlings of the visitors.

A Castle or a City?

The Çavuştepe Castle was erected by Sarduri II, King of Urartu Empire, in 764 B.C. in a building process that took 30 years. The castle that was originally called ‘Sardurihinili’ meaning ‘The City of Sarduri’ is a witness of the age-old history of the city, which also offers the most spectacular view in the area. This castle that fortified the city in those times is a sight that attracts photography fans in particular. 



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