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Reasons to Visit Van

Reasons to Visit Van

Ten Spectacular Invitations From Age-Old Civilisations 

Lend an ear to the mystic call of Van, this marvellous city waiting to spellbind you with its infinite charm! A great many civilisations have flourished for thousands of years on the fertile soil on which the city stands, and the traces of all the cultures that have left their mark here have been engraved in the memory of this city, a city that whispers in our ear the mysteries of Mesopotamia and the tales of Silk and Spice Routes…

Just imagine; we are telling you about a city where the travertines of Pamukkale and fairy chimneys of Nevşehir are found at the same place. And what is more, it gives one the feeling as if one were in the tale ‘Alice in Wonderland’, a wonderland embedded in Anatolian culture.

The city of Van unique in many aspects will embrace you with all its beauty, mystic legends, and mysteries. Well, if you ask; Okay, Gezibilen, what are these ten reasons? Here they are.

The Monster of Van Lake!

Of the ten reasons in question, the first one is certainly associated with the natural environment in the region! Because the city welcomes visitors particularly with the endemic plants, fauna, lakes, fairy chimneys, travertines, and waterfalls. And we should not forget the legends! They say that there lives a monster in Lake Van, a rumour that occupied even social media for two years!

Let's leave the monster based on superstition aside and focus on the beauty of the lake! The monasteries once used by Armenian monks on the islands on the Van Lake, a lake sometimes called sea due to its huge dimensions, have been standing there for centuries now, defying time and space. I will tell you something, but don't quote me on it; there are also relics at the bottom of the lake! Further information is in our text regarding Gevaş Seljuk Cemetery.

Not Khaleesi, but Kalesi, Namely the Castle!

Yes, it is normal that almost every city or town has a castle, but the one in Van with a history dating back 2.700 years is of a distinctive feature. With its solemn and majestic appearance and a structure that has withstood the test of time, it is one of the most spectacular monuments to visit. I bet you; there is nobody who has been here and said, ''this is not interesting''!

A Seljukian Princess Lies Here in Peace 

We cannot handle the history of the city as the sole reason to visit it, it would be very long because there are numerous marvellous monuments for every epoch the city witnessed… For instance, Halime Hatun, a princess from the Seljukian Dynasty, lies here in peace… The tomb built for Halime Hatun, daughter of Melik İzzeddin, a Seljukian ruler, 700 years ago stands here in all its glory with the Seljukian cemetery next to it. 

Muradiye Waterfall

What would a waterfall, which also fascinated Murat IV, the great Ottoman Sultan, do to ordinary people like us! A photo at this legendary waterfall is one of the musts for every visitor in Van; so, you should also do it! 

A Flying Fish Endemic to the Lake of Van: Pearl Mullet

Here we are in Turkey, where fish can also fly, like birds! Do not be surprised; it is normal As thousands of tourists rush to this city to see the run of the pearl mullet, the flying fish endemic to Van Lake, why wouldn’t you do it?

Kanispi Waterfall

Such a marvel can only be seen in Van! Just imagine a waterfall of white water masses flowing down in a spectacle! Impossible, you say! Well, no need to stretch your imagination; just come here and explore it!

Breakfast with 40 Condiments and Spreads

Do not say, “I generally have such a rich breakfast also in my hometown’’; it would be a mistake! Remember the proverb, ‘’Different places, different customs’’. With fresh condiments, a breakfast table in Van is a real speciality!

A Swimming Feline: Van Cat

We are in Van, which has been a cradle of civilisations throughout history, a city that fascinates one in all extents! A habitat of flying fish and swimming felines! Though sometimes confused with Ankara Cat, the most distinctive feature of the Van Cat is that it can swim, and it does it with pleasure. Incredible, isn't it? A moment to pet the snow-white hairs of this rare and fascinating feline species with eyes of a different colour is a good reason in itself to visit this city.

A Cappadocia in Van

You are mistaken if you think fairy chimneys are only found in Nevşehir! Distinguished with mystic shades of carmine red, the Fairy Chimneys of Vanadokya is a destination where a great number of tourists visit to have a photo taken!

Perfected with Travertines!

After having awarded numerous beauties to the region, mother nature reflected for a moment, saying, ‘’This is not enough! The region should also enjoy what Pamukkale enjoys!’’, adding travertines to the marvels she already created. Thus, the city was perfected, integrated into a whole. 



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