Come with Your Towel, Soap and Comb: Turkish Bath's in Van - GeziBilen

Come with Your Towel, Soap and Comb: Turkish Bath's in Van

Come with Your Towel, Soap and Comb: Turkish Bath's in Van

“Bathing would not bring you any benefits

if you are ill-disposed and of evil character! 

If you want to be clean, first clean your heart, 

and only then your body… ‘’ 

Even though it enjoys a history going back antique ages, nowadays Van is one of the most unfortunate provinces … The history of the first human settlements dates back to the 6000s B.C., but unfortunately, the majority of the historical heritage was devastated during the Russian occupation and revolts of the people of Armenian origin in 1915. Castles, houses of worship that had survived the test of time for hundreds of years were devastated in occupations and revolts, with bathhouses that shared the same destiny.

But we never lose hope and never give way to despair! Because the marvellous people of this age-old city, characterised with their enthusiasm for hygiene, continued to build bathhouses. Nowadays built in SPA comfort, the communal bathhouses provide a meeting point which moulds bathhouse culture in a place where people come together also to have a talk while having something to eat and drink. 

Now I would like to give you fresh information about the bathhouses in Van based on my observations in the city; then I will indicate the addresses where you can enjoy a bath! According to historical records, there were six bathhouses in Old Van during the Ottoman Empire, which were entirely devastated in wars. After the foundation of the Republic of Turkey, three bathhouses were erected in the city, namely the Türkoğlu, Hacı Kadri Saydan, and Cumhuriyet bathhouses… Even though they are generally organised today in the form of a SPA centre, one can still find nice bathhouses with healing waters! Below are a few of these places, but mark my word: I have saved the best for the last J

Şifa (Healing) Bathhouse (For Men) 

Address: Şerefiye Mahallesi, Ordu Caddesi, Japon Pasajı Yukarısı, Diyar Pasajı No:13, 65100 İpekyolu/Van

Working Hours: Open every day of the week between 05:30-00:00

This bathhouse, one of the most popular baths in Van, is a facility that serves men only. It is a modern facility with a sauna, hammam, fitness centre, steam room, whirlpool bath, and swimming pool. It also offers foam massage with bath gloves. People flock to the facility between 16.00 – 19.00 on Saturdays in particular.

Culture Women’s Bathhouse (For Women) 

Address: Kültür Devlet Tiyatrosu Yanı, Şerefiye Mahallesi, 2. İnkılap Sokak, Erkat Sitesi, D: 6, 65100 İpekyolu/Van

Working Hours: Open every day of the week between 08:00-21:00

This facility that serves only women also holds special events such as wedding or graduation parties. It also offers foam massage with bath gloves, sauna, massage, and face masks. The busiest time in this facility is between 14.00 – 20.00 on Saturdays.

Büyükşehir (Metropolitan) Bathhouse 

Address: Şerefiye Mahallesi, Eski Zerbant Sokak, Göksoy İş Merkezi Altı, 65140 Merkez/Van

Working Hours: Open every day of the week between 05:00-23:00

This is the first bathhouse in Van, which is heated with natural gas. The first facility in the eastern regions in the country with an environment-friendly service approach, the metropolitan bathhouse offers custom-tailored lodges, dressing and bathing rooms as well as rooms for resting. One can also enjoy here a foam massage session with bath gloves. It charges the usual fees implemented in the sector.

The Bonus Facility: A Local Thermal Spring 

Above we have indicated the most popular bathing facilities in Van… Now a few words for our bonus facility, are you ready?

From Ottoman time to the present day, bathing and hammam culture have always played an important role in society in terms of cleaning, hygiene, and purification. A quarter in Van enjoys its natural thermal spring. Even though the bathing facilities are located around İpekyolu (Silk Road), the one in the Taşkapı Quarter in Erciş welcomes visitors from all over the province and delivers free-of-charge service! 

The residents in the quarter never have a bath at home, but they do it in the thermal spring near the quarter. Building a pool to create a reservoir in front of the spring, the residents established a thermal bath with hot water of 94 0C. It is open to the public free-of-charge. The residents say that they plan to expand the bath with the financial participation of other quarters into one with in-door facilities with separate parts reserved for men and women. I would recommend you to visit the bath to enjoy a bath experience.



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