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Natural Beauties

Natural Beauties

Green Elysium: Trabzon

How about taking a closer look at the endless natural beauties of Trabzon known as the pearl of the Black Sea and one of the most beautiful destination of nature?

There are four lakes and 12 streams in Trabzon doing your heart not only with its green but also with its blue! "Well, this city already has a coast on Black Sea.

I seem to hear you saying ‘‘Isn't that too much? ‘’, but I admit that Mother Nature has bestowed favors on this city a little. 

The Endless Dance of Blue and Green

Here we witness the unforgettable dance of green and blue with its hills, slopes, forests, streams, wild sea and magnificent beauty, and a harmonious dance that never ends for thousands of years. Trabzon welcomes its guests first with its fresh air. Immediately after it salutes its guest with the sincerity and cheerfulness of Anatolia, offers its unique tastes to those paying a visit. An endless peace is felt right after that moment. Not to mention, it embraces and creates a sense of belonging. You would not even think of leaving here because it makes you feel as if you have been there since the beginning of time to the eternity and you have been imprisoned for a while in the chaos of other cities. Trabzon is the city of scenery. Paragliding and jeep safari are also available for those willing to watch this visual feast from a bird's eye view… Those who want to enjoy the blue can also canoe or you can relish Black Sea tea in the middle of the endless greenery.

Fertılıty of The Land Is Nowhere To Be Found

The wildness of the Black Sea affects Trabzon's soil positively. Trabzon lands are suitable for planting almost 2 thousand 500 plant species growing in Turkey stands out as having occurred only with 440 different endemic to their region and it stands out by having 440 different endemic plants within its own region alone. Trabzon is known as the second hometown of tea following Rize and also considered as the natural version of Turkey's cultural and historical accumulation in terms of natural resources.

A Mysterious Journey: Çal Cave

Çal Cave is a blessing that suit those willing to make a mystical journey down to the ground! This mysterious place, the second longest cave in the world, is 8 million years old and offers its guests an unforgettable experience. This magnificent beauty, which is a complete visual feast, is also believed to heal asthma and sinusitis patients due to humidity. We would not know about the medical aspect, but Çal Cave, which does not have any rivals when it comes to making people feel peaceful, is sure to heal the soul!

World's Oldest Forests Are Here!

There is no other place in the world within a tierra templada having older trees than here! Uzun Göl bends down in front of the trees surrounding it as if it were curtsying, as the phrase goes but it always maintains its dignity. Uzun Lake, which is the number one place for both those who say "Can I have a photo of you at golden hour?" and seek peace, is a natural wonder.

A Little Scenery (!)

This is Trabzon, if we feel like we are rising above the skies! Garester Plateau offers you exactly what you are looking for at this point.

This place makes you feel like you are above the clouds with its beautiful landscape, regular structures and the scenery of Uzun Göl with a bird's eye view.

The natural beauties of Trabzon are more than you can shake a stick at… Still, we would like to identify the main places. Just remember: This is the Black Sea! Do not go exploring the region without your umbrella and rain boots.


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